Dance with me: Finesse Zumba Routine

So, it's been a bit quiet around here while I've been busy being a Zumba Instructor, hasn't it?! This blog has been on the back burner while all my free time has been taken up studying for new qualifications, choreographing routines and teaching classes. 

During my time 'offline', I realised that Everything's Rosie had started to become a bit of a product review site and it was getting boring reviewing yet another bog-standard blusher. I was churning out uninspired content for freebies and nothing was feeling all that 'rosy' at all.  But I love to write and create inspiring content around my passions (well, hopefully it's inspiring anyway...!) so here I am, back again, but with a reimagined mission and some very different content. 

No more selling my soul for a freebie. No more dull reviews. No more stressing myself out to the point of tears because I can't get a flatlay to rival Hello October's.  

Instead there'll be authenticity. Inspiration. Escapism. I'll share things that I think are useful; healthy lifestyle hacks, products I would genuinely rave about in real life, outfits that might inspire your wardrobe choices, and... Zumba routines! Whether you want to join in at home, or you're a fellow instructor looking for ideas.

So to kick it all off, here's a routine to one of my favourite songs at the moment - Finesse Remix by Bruno Mars and Cardi B. That album (24K Magic) is unreal! I've already made up routines to 4 songs from it, Bruno is so good to dance to. 

And to keep it real - you should know that after we filmed this video, we had two bottles of Sauv and a Domino's. Balance!



  1. So excited for all your new content! X

  2. This dance is so much fun! thanks for sharing!


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