Make up to workout in

Wearing make-up to the gym - such a controversial topic! My opinion on the matter is, do whatever makes you feel most comfortable and confident to boss your workout!

Personally, I'm happy to go bare-faced for a solo workout, but when I'm going to a class (or particularly when I'm teaching a class) I do like to make myself just a little bit more presentable.

I keep things very minimal (I don't want to be worrying about sweaty streaks of foundation or panda eyes - nobody got time for that) but of course, finding the right products to sweat in has come with a fair amount of trial and error... 🐼

And after what feels like an exhausting amount of research and embarrassing social situations, I'm finally pretty pleased with my current selection. God it's hard work being a girl, isn't it?!

Pixi Rose Flash Balm 

Flash balms are priming moisturisers that smooth out the complexion and enhance the skin's radiance - this one peps up the skin a little by hydrating, evens out skin texture by mattifying, gives a healthy glow and it smells of roses.

Glossier Boy Brow 

Eyebrow shape frames the face and I don't feel I look right without a bit of brow definition. I use the light shade of just to bold out the brow shape a little (can't teach without expressive eyebrows!).

Glossier Balm Dot Com

Glossier balms are the bomb (dot com). So silky and comfortable to wear, protects lips from drying out and adds a beautiful glossy, non-sticky shine.

Benefit Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer 

I banish those dark bags under my eyes, along with any problem spots, with a quick swipe of this ultra-hydrating concealer. The hydrating core in the stick means it never cakes or creases.

Eyeko Sport Mascara

The most challenging sweat-friendly product to find - mascara. This one's been developed with gym bunnies in mind and let me tell you: it works. It works so well it's lasts through a sweat, a swim and a shower! It's a pretty decent brush and formula too and does a fine job of lengthening, curling and defining lashes. As a mascara 7.5/10 - as a sweat-proof mascara 10/10.
(I bought the accompanying sport eyeliner too, with high excitement of being able to rock a winged eye to Zumba. But no - it dragged and pulled the skin and was impossible to draw a clean line.)

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