One Step to smooth, dry, styled hair.

The hair washing process is one of my least favourite beauty rituals. It just takes SO. LONG. My friend Emma actually has a dedicated evening for washing, drying and styling her hair - it takes her so long she won't make any other plans on a Wednesday night. So I welcome any product or tool that promises to ease this tedious grooming task. Enter the Revlon Pro Collection™ Salon One-Step Dryer and Styler. Part paddle brush, part hair dryer - that vows to deliver dry, frizz-free and styled hair in half the time of a regular drying and styling process. I gave it a go on my thick, long, damaged and frizz-prone hair... so does it work?

Not many brushes can make it through my tangly mop and I was concerned that I'd struggle with the styler. But the paddle brush head, with firm plastic bristles with protective gentle tips, has no problem gliding through (although I do always get the majority of the knots out with my trusty WetBrush first). The brush head also features fairly large holes, where the hot air comes out. 

The handle of the device is massive, making this not the most travel friendly option - which is a bit of a shame seeing as it does two jobs in one, and everybody loves a multi-purpose product on holiday. But anyway, at the bottom of this huge handle are the dryer controls; two speeds and a cool setting, and I always go for the hottest setting to speed up drying my vast quantity of hair. 

The blower itself isn't as powerful as an ordinary hairdryer, and therefore, in drying time alone, takes longer than a rough dry. HOWEVER, note I say 'in drying time alone'. When you factor in the time it would take to either master a blow dry, or a rough dry followed by straighteners, it probably does cut a few minutes off. It's also a far gentler method, as it drys the hair smooth and untangled, eliminating extra damage.

But what about the finished style? Does it look as good as good as straightened or blow dried hair? The brush has ionic technology, promising frizz-free results, so I end up with smooth yet 'natural' looking hair - as in, not poker straight or perfectly waved. If I were to simply blast my hair dry and not finish up with a curler or straighter, my hair would just be one big 'poof', so by using this I end up with far smoother, polished looking hair - although not particularly 'done'. In other words, I use it for general day-to-day hairstyling but if I was going somewhere nice, I'd probably give the straighteners a once over too.

And what about my friend, the one who needs an entire evening to sort her unruly mane? I lent her the Revlon One Step Dryer and Styler to see if it'd help speed up her routine. Unfortunately, she wasn't a fan, but because her hair is incredibly thick and naturally very curly and she likes it to be dead straight, she still needed to spend a long time with the irons. 

I do think the styler would be a dream for anybody that has slightly thinner hair and wants to embrace their natural straightness/curls. 



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