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Belleva Locks & Beauty is a small salon in Portland Road, Hove, run by sisters Kirsty and Amy. They specialise in Russian Belleva Locks hair extensions, and offer a range of hairdressing, eyelash and brow services, and invited me in to review a couple of treatments.

My hair was in dire need of some TLC, so I booked in for a balayage and a lash lift too, which I'd been eager to try for some time. Let's start by talking about the treatments...

Lash Lift & Tint

I had (and LOVED) eyelash extensions in the past, but I couldn't be dealing with the constant infills, so had been interested in trying a lash lift and tint as an alternative. I wanted my eyelashes to look lengthened, curled and thick without mascara on - as I spend a lot of time in the gym, mascara isn't my friend.


My appointment started with the lash lift with Amy, which took about 40 minutes. You have to keep your eyes closed the entire time, and I may have used this as an excuse for a little nap.

First my lower lashes were taped down, and then a teeny tiny roller was placed on my upper lashes to create the lift/curl. A perming solution is then applied, and left for ten minutes, and then a fixing solution, which was left for a further ten minutes. Then she removed the roller and applied the tint, which was left on for another ten minutes.


My lashes appear visibly longer, darker and opened up. When wearing no make-up at all, my lashes just make my eyes pop a little and look pretty and fluttery. However, the results aren't as dramatic as I was hoping for. When wearing make-up, I still need a coat of mascara to complete the look - once my eyeliner is on, my lifted/natural lashes look a bit wispy. I'm wondering, though, if this is simply down to the grey, straight and stubby lashes that I started with. Surely the treatment can only do so much. I've seen friends have incredible effects from lash lifts, but then, they've started with longer, curlier natural lashes than me. For £30 for six weeks of effects, I would probably get it done again for a holiday to keep my lashes looking lush on the beach and in the pool, but day-to-day - I'll just stick to mascara (and looking ugly in the gym).


My hair just needed a freshen up - my roots were looking awful and the colour just a little bit yellow and tired. I opted for a balayage instead of highlights, to leave some of my natural roots and not have to deal with the maintenance of that harsh re-growth. Balayage is when colour is painted freehand onto the hair to create a soft, multi-tonal effect.

My stylist Georgia, was lovely, and knew exactly what to do even though I was very annoying and unspecific about what I wanted. 'Just a freshen up' I said. What does that even mean?! Sorry, Georgia.

After the colour had cooked, she applied a toner to take all the gross brassiness out of my 'old' blonde and 'freshen it up' (just like I asked for).


The before and after pics speak for themselves... Princess hair! I LOVE it!

...and what did I think about the salon overall? 

Belleva Locks & Beauty has a real laid back vibe and community feel to it; I think the other customers in there were regulars. I saw a few ladies having extensions/refits and they really did look amazing - even though my hair is really long I'm still tempted!

The interior of the salon is nothing fancy, but the girls have made a real effort to create a pretty, girly space with a shabby-chic vibe with 'bookshelf' wallpaper and floral bunting, and incredible multi-coloured chandeliers (which I want for my house!). It's not as upmarket as other salons I've been to (Trevor Sorbie, for example) but the price list does reflect this; At Trevor Sorbie you'd be paying between £115 and £170 for a full head of highlights whereas Belleva charge £75. But you won't be getting a sub-standard stylist for this cheaper price; Georgia told me that she'd previously worked at some really well renowned local salons.

My only gripe with my visit to Belleva was the amount of waiting I had to do. It was 30 minutes before I was even seen, more waiting between my lashes and balayage, and more waiting to have my hair dried and finished. But, they were really busy, with every chair filled with clients - and surely a busy salon is a sign of a great salon?! I also remember thinking that they seemed very short-staffed on the day I visited, and have since seen that they're advertising for another stylist - which might explain it!

Bottom line - would I go back? 

Yes! I'd definitely go back for colour with Georgia, for a relaxed salon experience with friendly staff and for a really reasonable price list. I'd consider having a lash lift again for a holiday too (I just need to go on one...)



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