Welcome to Miami - Essie's Neon 2017 Collection

Nothing says summer mani like bright neon pinks and corals! But achieving eye-poppingly bright nails at home is tricky; consumer brand polishes never quite give that luminous effect like a salon would.

That's where Essie's pop & prime base coat comes in. 

Remember when we used to paint our nails with Tipp-Ex (usually during Maths...) and colour them in with a pink highlighter pen? That's essentially what's going on here...The pure white base coat applies completely opaque in one coat, and illuminates the coloured polish applied on top taking it from just bright, to fully-charged neon bright.

New Neon 2017 Collection

For this year's summer season, Essie has released four new neon shades, inspired by the graffiti-splashed walls of Miami.

the fuschia of art - rich vivid magenta
mark of miami - vibrant ember orange
gallery gal - vivacious coral pink
off the wall - bombshell shocking pink (my favourite, it's true Barbie pink!)

In true primary school Tipp-Ex and highlighter style, these polishes dry matte, but for a bit of a chicer look pop a top coat on for a glossy finish.

Perfectly paired with a tan and a Pina Colada, these shades make the ideal holiday mani/pedi choice (not least because you'll need your sunglasses on to look at them!). Now if only I was jetting off to Miami....



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