My Must-See Box Sets

A night out on the tiles? I can take it or leave it. But a night in, curled up on the sofa with some good snacks and an even better box set - now that's my idea of a good time.

Bra off, hair up, comfies on. Armed with Cadbury's fingers, Pringles and maybe even a cheeky glass of wine (or carrot sticks & hummus when I'm trying to be good!). Snuggled up under a blanket with some squishy cushions... I've got this slob thing nailed.

As a pair of total telly addicts, we treated ourselves to Sky and a Panasonic 42" flat screen when we moved in, but we now want to upgrade to the Ultra HD TV Panasonic and a Netflix subscription too. We've watched so many awesome series on Sky Box Sets that we're now looking at what Netflix has to offer instead, but I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you for your viewing entertainment...

My Must-See Box Sets

Mad Men

I think Mad Men is one of my favourite ever series; not least because of the retro fashion and hair styles - Betty Draper is the ultimate pin-up-girl-nextdoor. The clothes and glamour of the era aside, the drama, set in a 1960's New York advertising agency, follows the lives of Don Draper and his colleagues and family, and focuses on the social and cultural themes of the time. While Don climbs his way to the top, only to fall into a downwards spiral caused by alcoholism and adultery, the women in Mad Men begin to break their stereotyped female roles and take their destiny into their own hands and embrace the new found 'girl power' of the sixties.

Boardwalk Empire

Set in Atlantic City in the Prohibition era, part-time politician, part-time gangster, Nucky Thompson (based on a real life historical figure) as he runs the town whilst running an undercover alcohol smuggling business.


Within the first few episodes of Nashville, my cowboy boots had been dug out from the back of the wardrobe and I was a country music convert. The music in Nashville is reason enough to tune in; it's fantastic! It's almost a shame it's written purely for fictional purposes! But the storylines don't disappoint either; there's love, sex and scandals galore as we follow the lives of young starlet Juliette Barnes and superstar icon Rayna James as they battle for the title of the Queen of Country Music.

Wayward Pines

The small town of Wayward Pines appears to be completely normal suburbia on the surface, but nobody quite knows how they got there. It soon transpires that every resident is being bugged and living a fake life that's been set up for them. I can't really say anymore without ruining the mysterious suspense!

What are your favourite box set series? Do you have any Netflix recommendations?

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  1. I definitely like the sound of Wayward Pines!! We don't have Netflix so we can't always watch all the latest shows everyone is raving about!! xx


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