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Smart but simple - that's the concept behind Dr Barbara Sturm's skincare. She doesn't believe in invasive therapies, or products full of excessive ingredients like fragrances. She believes in science and simplicity, combining her expert knowledge of molecular medicine with the powerful properties of natural ingredients to create her highly-effective, luxury range of skincare.

Having just launched into Space NK, I went down to my local store to meet Dr Sturm herself. As I arrived, she was trying to perfect a Boomerang with fellow Brighton blogger, Make Up Mouse - she's certainly the most fun doctor I've ever met! And also the most beautiful; if her simplistic approach to skincare will give me the same youthful, glowing complexion as her - I'm sold.

One key ingredient that is used across the range is a herb extract called Purslane - a recently rediscovered skincare ingredient that had has incredible healing and anti-ageing properties. It activates the skin's 'youth' enzyme, telomerase, and penetrates deep into the lowest layers of the skin to detoxify and regenerate cells.

Dr Sturm talked me through her streamlined product range, explaining the science and effects of each one. I even got to experience the immediate effects of some of the products for myself.

As a blogger, I often get slathered in all sorts of products before having a mirror shoved in front of my face to admire the (often underwhelming) results, and I have to respond with a rehearsed 'oh wow...yeah'.  But I was genuinely blown away by the incredible effects of some of these products - I had to stop myself from swearing when I saw the magic transformation caused by the calming serum and eye cream in particular.

Calming Serum

The Calming Serum is like an eraser; immediately calming any redness in the skin upon application. I've been going without foundation regularly since adding the Calming Serum to my morning skincare routine as it leaves my complexion looking perfectly balanced and even, au naturel. The active ingredients in the milky serum also work long-term magic. By strengthening the skin's natural defences, external aggressors are less likely to inflame the complexion in the future. This magic potion is my stand-out product from the collection.

Eye Cream

Dr Sturm's eye cream is another product with instantly visible effects; revealing a noticeably brighter under eye area in just one use. It's thin, light texture is incredibly soothing and reduces puffyness. And in the long term, the scientific formula works to reduce signs of ageing and keep the delicate under-eye area plumped and hydrated.

I'm super impressed, but these magic treatments don't come cheap at £173 and £105 respectively. On my salary, and with non-problematic skin, I couldn't be forking out these prices when my skin does just fine with products that cost half the price. However, anyone with specific skin concerns such as roseacea, might just find that this range delivers the miracle cure they've been looking for. And in that case, surely it's worth investing in. Having said that, I am going to be incredibly tempted to repurchase the Calming Serum when my sample runs out - it's my stand out product from the Dr Sturm range and I'm not sure what I'll do without it!

  • Read on for the low-down on the rest of the products that I've tried from Dr Sturm Molecular Cosmetics:


Foam cleansers get a bad rep for being drying, but this gentle, light and scent-free foam deeply cleans my skin while leaving it supple and hydrated.


I often find scrubs aggravate my skin, and usually choose to exfoliate with my Pixi Glow Tonic. Dr Sturm's facial scrub, however, is gentle yet effective at removing dead skin cells, while it's silk proteins care for the skin to leave it smooth and nourished.  


The Hyaluronic Serum is a little sticky, but the immediate and long-term benefits are amazing. Upon application it perks my skin up in an instant, making it look firmer and feel refreshed. For the long term, it's intense moisture boost prevents wrinkles from appearing.


Dr Sturm explained to me why moisturisers/foundations that contain SPF are not as effective as using separate products. When two products are combined, the SPF loses its indicated level of protection, and does not sit on top of the skin. But using a normal sunscreen, which is white, thick and sticky isn't ideal either. Her answer is Sun Drops; a light, liquid sunscreen with SPF 50 designed specifically to protect the face from the sun's harmful UV rays. With it's serum-like consistency and a pale yellow tone, once applied the Sun Drops are untraceable on skin, leaving no greasy residue or pale complexion like an ordinary sun cream would do.


Although the face cream is incredibly rich, it feels surprisingly light and fresh on the skin. It smoothes and hydrates, and you can almost feel it sinking deep into the skin's layers. It's suitable for both night and day use; leaving a smooth base for make-up in the morning, and giving skin an intense treatment throughout the night. 



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