What I wear to Zumba

Last month, I qualified as a Zumba Instructor and now I'm a busy little bee - planning my fist classes and choreographing new routines. If you live in Brighton and fancy coming along - I'm starting Zumba classes in Preston Park on Wednesdays at 7pm (starting April 26th). You can find out more and register here!

Anyway, as I am now a dance-fitness PROFESSIONAL!!! I treated myself to a few new sports bits... well I need to look the part!


The 'Zumba' style is bright, colourful and jazzy - so my black leggings just weren't going to cut it. This pair* from ow-fit are far more suitable Zumba Instructor attire! The geometric pattern makes me think of confetti and fiestas - which is exactly the vibe I'm hoping for in my classes! 

As well as coming in a range of funky designs, Ow-fit leggings are practically great too. They have a flattering, high-waisted fit, made from a lightweight fabric that has a 360° stretch to allow for comfortable, unrestricted movement. Splits? Not a problem. The fabric also features an odour-free, stay-dry technology which keeps me cool and comfortable if I'm doing back-to-back classes. They come in a one-size fits all, and while I can't comment on how true this is, I can say that they fit me like a glove. The pattern doesn't fade or distort over my thighs and they're comfortable around the waistband. 


Nike Roshe Ones are my go-to trainers, they're lightweight and comfy and they're also PERFECT for Zumba, as they don't have much grip - this is ideal as you need a fairly low-traction sole to be able to slide and twist! I have the Nike Roshe in lilac and coral, turquoise, and black and gold - but HOW could I resist baby pink ones to match my water bottle?!


It's so important to stay hydrated as Zumba gets really hot and sweaty! I'm quite a fuss-pot about what I drink out of - I go through so many styles of water bottles to find one that I can comfortably drink from. Just me...? Well anyway, I love this one from Kate Spade, and not just because it's pretty and has a cute slogan ('just add water' - incase you can't see!). It's made from glass, which feels nice to drink from, and keeps the water cold and tasting purer - plastic bottles can infuse the water with a chemically taste and I can definitely taste the difference drinking from glass. The pretty pink sleeve is made from silicon and protects the glass from breakages and makes the bottle easier to grip with sweaty hands.


Finally, I needed a good quality, spacious, comfortable, resistant bag to carry all my kit around in. As I'm now on the cover instructor list at a few gyms, I'm going to need my kit with me at all times so that I can say yes whenever I'm needed! This Sweaty Betty backpack just ticks all the boxes, and it's gorgeous enough to use as a day bag with whatever outfit I'm wearing. The duck-egg blue colour and rose gold hardware are a beautiful combination.

The bag itself is so practical - comfortable thick straps make it easy to carry, the scuba fabric is resistant to rain (and sweaty kit!), and inside there's a plastic pocket for wet clothes, and a water bottle holder. There's also straps for a yoga mat at the bottom. And, it can hold endless amounts of stuff; trainers, lunch, make-up bag and all my other daily essentials - Mary Poppins eat your heart out!

What do you wear to work out?



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