Stepping into Spring (in pink mules)

In the autumn, I'm always too quick to dress in new boots and jackets while it's still warm outside. And at the very beginning of Spring I do the exact same thing and bare my shoulders and my toes waaaay too early. 

As I mentioned in my little ode to stripes last month, a Bardot style is one of the most stylish ways to wear stripes this season so I couldn't resist this little number from good old M&S. It's a bargain as it is at just £19.50, but I got an extra £5 off as a birthday treat from my Sparks card. In sky blue and white stripes with wide half-sleeves and a floaty silhouette, it has an 'artist's smock' kinda vibe going on. I paired it with my Cambridge Satchel Co cloud bag  - seems I have a thing for monogrammed handbags at the moment...

And to update my bottom half into the new season, I dug out my white jeans (I have a rule that white jeans must only be worn in the spring and summer months.. just me?!) and prematurely popped my feet into my new pair of faux-suede blush pink mules, which are from Primark, believe it or not! They're beautiful, yes, but my poor feet weren't too happy - I have two matching cuts across each big toe where the peep toes were cutting in. Ouchies! But I'm determined to break them in - they're too pretty to be abandoned to the back of the wardrobe. A couple of plasters, a bit of determination and the jobs a goodun.



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