Sephora Haul

This is how excited I was to shop at Sephora - finally!

To say I was excited for my first ever visit to Sephora is an understatement. I'd tried to go in Barcelona, but it was closed; I'd hoped there'd be one in Budapest, but no such luck. But, where better to pop my Sephora cherry than on the Champs √Člyse√© in Paris?!

It was like Disneyland for women. Spritzes of Guerlain and Dior waft past as you walk down the regal red carpets,  leading to aisles upon aisles of luxury beauty. Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kat Von D, Too Faced and Urban Decay. Benefit, Make Up Forever. It's all there and I was zig-zagging from stand to stand like an excitable puppy. But I tried to remain restrained, and only pick up a few little treats that I wouldn't be able to buy at home, and a special Parisian design Sephora Make Up bag - as a souvenir... of course. 

Sephora Own Brand

I put out an emergency #bbloggers cry for help on twitter, and a few of you came back saying I must try Sephora's own brand face masks. 

I also picked up their eyebrow pencil - I really wanted to get the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, but Sephora's answer to eyebrows looked pretty good and half the price - so I made the purse-sensible choice. Having previously been using brow mascaras, I'm really loving the definition I can get from a pencil, yet I'm not loosing out on the volume as the little spoolie brush on the lid brushes and fluffs the hairs for a full, bushy brow.


I think you can get select Tony Moly products in the UK, but how could I resist?! The South Korean beauty brand has the most adorable packaging and I couldn't leave these cute little pandas behind.

I bought the Panda's Dream mascara purely because it was cute, but turns out it's a great mascara! It has a slim wand that can catch all eyelashes (bottom and inner corners) and contains microfibres that coat and lengthen the lashes. It also claims to be smudge-free (avoiding any panda eyes!) and, as a terrible eye-rubber and criminal eye-make-up-in-the-gym wearer, I can vouch for this. It kind of 'flakes' away, rather than smudging into the skin - and this also makes for really quick and easy removal.

I also picked up the Panda's Dream Dual Lip & Cheek in shade 2 - Pink Baby - the cutest little compact EVER. The lighter pink is a matte cream-to-powder for the cheeks, giving a subtle rosy glow, while the darker pinky coral is a glossy sheen for the lips. This is perfect to keep in my handbag for when my skin needs a little pick-me-up throughout the day, and it gets lots of comments when I whip it out as well!



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