Paris Diaries: Sightseeing & sweet treats

We woke early and walked down to the Jardin des Tuileries. The streets were deserted, Parisians tend to be masters of the weekend lie in! But it was pretty nice to have the place to ourselves.

On the way to the gardens, we stumbled across a new Ladurée boutique, where I had to stop for a mini photoshoot and, of course, some macarons. They're so pretty I can't bring myself to eat them! I'll be sure to share the experience on insta-stories when I finally tuck in.

The gardens were kind of bland due due to the time of year, but I could imagine how beautiful they must be in bloom and that's one reason for our return trip in July.  Next to the gardens is the Musée de Louvre, which is kind of hideously out of place yet mesmerising at the same time. We didn't go in, it was too much of a beautiful day to spend it indoors, and I've heard the Mona Lisa is a bit of a let down.

We sat in the square outside the Louvre for a little while, watching the world go by and soaking up some sunshine. Then we headed round the corner to Angelina for one of their infamous hot chocolates. We had to queue to get in, but it was well worth the wait - the fancy tea rooms had marble tables, golden mirrors and watercolour paintings and a beautiful array of 'des pâtisseries'. I ordered their signature hot chocolate - a pot of thick, pure melted chocolate, served with cream, and a raspberry eclair. 

Next stop was the Arc de Triomphe. I wasn't convinced about going up it at first, but I was wrong - I highly recommend you do! The views are better than those from the Eiffel Tower, because you can see the Eiffel Tower, which of course makes up the iconic Parisian skyline.

We tried to stay out until it got dark so that we could watch the tower's hourly light show, but we didn't last, and ended up heading back to our hotel in Montmartre for the free 7pm wine and cheese! We managed to catch the lights from a distance later that night, up on top of the hill by the Sacré-Coeur. It was magical, but we were too far away and that's one thing I will make sure not to miss on our next visit!



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