Paris Diaries: the Eiffel Tower

If you hadn't noticed from my Instagram spam, I spent last weekend in Paris, celebrating my 26th birthday with Rich. We had a completely amazing time, and we are already planning a trip back in the summer. The city itself is one of the most beautiful I've visited; the architecture, the streets and pretty much everything in sight is pleasant on the eye, and this, combined with the special Parisian wardrobe I put together for the occasion, led to many a photo opportunity. Over the next three blog posts, come on a little trip with me around "gay Parie" as I show you what I wore and where we went.

Friday was my birthday and we headed straight to the Eiffel Tower. To pre-burn off the eclairs we were soon to consumer, we decided to take the stairs, and I actually recommend making the ascent by foot. This way, we got to actually be inside the structure, and enjoy it from all different angles. It was a grey, misty day, so the views weren't up to much but I didn't mind. I was more interested in looking up, down and through the tower - it really is a beautiful structure.

I wore a grey jumper to match the weather, which is from H&M and unbelievably soft and snuggly, and my blush pink trench coat, aptly from Parisian at ASOS. To add some birthday sparkle, I picked out my metallic rose gold loafers (last year's New Look but there are similar pairs everywhere this season) and my pink camera bag. All the Parisians were eyeing up my bag, trying to figure out this unknown 'RC' designer - in fact it's a special collaboration between Oasis and... me! Using Oasis' 'Love Letters' monogramming service.

Next stop for the birthday girl was Sephora! Obviously. It was my first ever (long-awaited) trip to a Sephora store and I was like a kid in a candy shop! I managed to stay fairly restrained, but did pick up a few things, which I'll show you in another post...



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