7 types of Striped Tops every girl needs

Ah, beloved stripes. They really are wonderful. Chuck on a Breton and voila - instant chic.

In fact, this year the striped tee is celebrating a century of being a style staple; it was first introduced into the fashion world in Chanel's 1917 Nautical collection. Here's the lady herself rocking a stripe exactly one hundred years ago.

Pretty cool, huh?

But one Breton just isn't enough with so many types of stripes to choose from; black and white, navy and white, thin stripes, thick stripes, short sleeves, long sleeves, crew necks, boat necks... the list goes on. Whether you opt for a black with white stripes, or white with black stripes is your dilemma (or perhaps you feel it's necessary to have both) but there are a few variations that I think every girl should have in her wardrobe...

The Staple Stripes: 

The Navy and White One

The navy stripe is the original and most iconic stripe, and the one which most closely resembles it's nautical roots of the French sailor's uniforms. If you decide to only own one Breton (then who even are you?) make it a navy and white one.

The Black and White One

A black and white stripe top is also a wardrobe essential as it can be smartened up more so than it's navy sister. Pair with black cigarette pants (like Audrey Hepburn) for a smarter look, or with a leather jacket and black skinnies for a rocky edge. Personally, I steer clear from thick black and white stripes as to avoid the prisoner vibe.

The Long Sleeved One

Chucking on a long sleeved Breton with a pair of looks effortlessly stylish in seconds. Or tucked into a midi skirt, and you're instantly super glamorous. A long sleeved Breton will see you through the majority of the year with minimal 'I have nothing to wear' moments.

The Short Sleeved One

As above, for warmer weather.

This Season's Stripes: 

The embroidered one

This season's floral embroidery trend is spilling into stripe territory, but I'm not complaining - stripes and flower detailing are a match made in heaven. Whether on a shirt, a jumper or a tee, some bright embroidery adds a little pop of interest and updates a classic. I've already bought mine - this long sleeved Oasis number with embroidered blooms down the sleeves.

The striped shirt

Striped button-down collared shirts seem to be having a moment right now, but it's definitely not a smarter option than a classic Breton - wear your shirt oversized, top buttons undone and messily tucked in. My favourite is this blue-on-blue Topshop one.

The off the shoulder number

Double the frenchness and make like Bridget Bardot in an off-the-shoulder stripe. I love this one from M&S, which would look perfect with some ripped jeans and Converse trainers. It's out of stock in my size though, which makes me want to cry but also saves me £25.

A selection of Stripes...



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