Lipstick is my Vice

When Urban Decay unveiled their 120 shade strong Vice lipstick range, I just didn't know where to start. The punchy spectrum of lipsticks were stunning, but how do you go about picking that one special shade out of 120?! Well now, Urban Decay have added two palettes to the Vice collection, each containing 12 pans of Vice lipstick, allowing lipstick junkies to experiment with a dozen colours in one, compact and ultra-luxurious product. 

It's something special... 

From the outside in, the Vice Junkie palette has a real wow-factor. Opening the compact is a real experience in itself; upon lifting the lid of the chunky, metallic box, you're greeted with the message 'lipstick is my vice' on a protective plastic shield, which keeps the lipsticks underneath in mint condition and prevents product smudging onto the large mirror. Beneath the shield, you finally get a glimpse of the twelve, striking lip colours, paired with a gold, retractable lip brush.

A lipstick spectrum 

The sister Vice palette, Blackmail, appears to have an overall more wearable selection of nudes, browns, pinks and reds. Whereas in the Junkie palette, there's a real mix of colours, from everyday wearable to completely experimental. 


  • Disturbed - matte, deep merlot red. 🍷
  • 714 - matte true red; bright, bold and classic. πŸ’‹
  • Carnal - terracotta shade, tones of peach and brown with a matte finish. πŸ‘
  • Safe Word - true nude, similar to Mac's coveted 'Velvet Teddy'. πŸ‘Œ
  • Studded - metallic bronze. Not sure on this one. πŸ˜•
  • Whip - glossy peachy pink. Barely there but very pretty. πŸ’•
  • Wrath - true red, similar in tone to 714, but with a sparkle and glossy finish. ✨
  • Big Bang - sheer barbie pink gloss with a metallized finish. πŸŽ€
  • Firebird - punchy magenta with a shimmer. πŸ’„
  • Vanity Kills - creamy pastel lilac matte. Bit out there but nice for a sixties look. πŸ’œ
  • Speedball - deep royal purple. 😈
  • Junkie - the palette's namesake, a shimmering bottle green. HATEπŸ’€

As Urban Decay move towards an artistry brand, the idea behind creating this palette was to make the life of a make up artist a bit easier; providing them with a more compact and portable way of transporting a variety of lip shades, without having to lug around a huge, heavy bag of individual lipsticks. However, it's such a beautiful piece for any beauty lover's collection! It came in really handy for my office Christmas party (I was the designated make up artist for all the girls in my team) and they each chose a different shade from the palette to suit their outfit and personality. Unfortunately nobody wanted to rock an emerald lip though!

Size matters

There are some drawbacks of having your favourite shades stuck inside a palette. We all know that, no matter how fantastic a lipstick is, we'll all need a touch up or two throughout the night. But with your lipstick de jour trapped inside a big old palette, it's not as simple as just chucking a tube in your clutch and topping up in the ladies.

Having said that, the formula is seriously pigmented and fairly longlasting, for such a creamy product anyway. It feels lovely on the lips  (liquid lipsticks might last forever but they're slightly dry and 'tight') and I can get a couple of hours wear out of one application. If you need a top up after that, buy the full size, find a similar shade or take out a bigger bag.  You'll find a way.

And the winner is...

There's always that risk when it comes to cosmetic palettes, that certain shades will sit there unloved while others hit pan in the blink of an eye. While Junkie and Vanity Kills will probably sit this one out, I'd probably wear the other ten shades from the Junkie Vice Palette. Granted, I might need a few shots of dutch courage for some - but I like the way they look on me regardless. Ten out of twelve ain't bad! And my favourite? Safe Word - I will definitely be buying the singular lipstick of this sultry nude with my next paycheck, I absolutely LOVE it.

Like what you see? 

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