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I'm trying to loose a few pounds. 28 of them to be exact. After my big weight loss a couple of years ago, I've kept up the exercise but slacked on the healthy eating front, resulting in a little bit of that old chub making a reappearance. So, with my focus for the new year on cleaning up my diet, I went on a little health food spree...

Protein World, The Slender Blend, Vanilla

I start every day with a smoothie for breakfast, and I always include a few scoops of protein to refuel my muscles from the exercise class the night before and keep me going until lunch. Protein World's Vanilla Slender Blend is by far the tastiest protein I've ever used - it tastes just like McDonald's vanilla milkshake! It disguises spinach and kale, sweetens bitter cacao to taste more like actual chocolate, and it's only 135 calories per serving - making it ideal for slimmers rather than body builders!


Deliciously Ella Cacao & Almond Energy Balls

These little balls of smushed up dates, nuts and cacao taste and feel like a chocolate fudge brownie! I love to have one as an afternoon snack for a pre-gym energy boost and to satisfy my 4pm sweet tooth (it's like clockwork). The only problem is that they're SO expensive, at £2 per bitesized ball! However, you can make your own, as Ella has made the recipe available on her blog. I am desperate to make a batch, I just need to buy/borrow someone's food processor!

£1.99 Holland & Barrett

Spiralizer + Spiralize Now! book

I've been having all sorts of fun with my spiralizer - it's weirdly satisfying and I always end up spiralizing way too much food because I've become entranced by watching the vegetables go in whole and come out in ribbons. Aaaanyway... I much prefer the texture of spiralized veg as opposed thick chunks, and have been enjoying picking recipes out of my Spiralize now! cook book. It's got all sorts of courgetti dishes, salads and delicious looking fritters for healthy eaters, as well as some naughtier options in the dessert section...!

Morphy Richards Spiralizer, £24 Amazon 
Spiralize Now! £5 Amazon

Lucy Bee Organic Raw Cacao Powder

I've become obsessed with raw cacao, it's my new favourite thing. I put it in my smoothies, make healthy hot chocolate and even use it in my chile con carne (that's my secret ingredient right there!). Raw cacao is quite bitter so it usually needs sweetening with honey, stevia or vanilla protein to get a more chocolatey taste, but it's actually surprisingly good for you! It's packed with iron, magnesium and antioxidants which lead to a whole host of health benefits - this article on Women's Health describes why we should all be eating (or drinking) cacao.

£7.50 Asda


After an indulgent period like Christmas, or even just a food-filled weekend, I tend to do a cleanse to detox my body and feel ready to get back into a healthy routine. Slimatee is a herbal tea, containing natural laxative, Senna leaves, to gently 'cleanse your gut' 💩. Drink a cup before bed and, after a trip to the bathroom, you're ready to start the day feeling lighter and de-bloated. It tastes alright too; the other ingredients are peppermint and hibiscus flower. If you've heard of 'BooTea', Slimatee is pretty much the same thing for about a tenth of the price - it's just less instagrammable. A 28 day BooTea supply will set you back £34.99, whereas a box of 20 Slimatee tea bags is only £3.49. I've cross referenced the ingredients and they're pretty much the same.

£3.69 Holland & Barrett

Meridian Almond Butter

I try to get some 'good fats' in my morning smoothie; usually avocado or a spoonful of almond butter. Almond butter is a slightly healthier choice over peanut butter, as it's packed full of minerals and vitamin E. As well as being full of healthy fats (which are the body's main fuel), nut butters are high in protein too - assisting muscle repair and growth. A good dollop of almond butter in my smoothie helps me to power up that monstrous hill to work each morning, and keeps me going until lunchtime. 
As well as using it in smoothies, almond butter is quite often seen in healthy recipes; including Delciously Ella's energy balls and things like healthy homemade satay dishes. This giant tub is quite pricey, but it will last me about five months and is better value for money than buying small jars. 

£14.27 Amazon - also available in Holland & Barrett but OOS online at time of publishing.



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