Learning about A/W Hair trends & The Shine Bar

Shine Hair & Beauty in Gloucester Street is my regular hairdressers, so I was pretty excited to find out that owner Jonathan was launching his very own product range, starting with the Shine Bar. To launch the bar, Shine hosted a bloggers evening in the salon, where I went to find out a little bit more about the salon over a glass or three of prosecco. But first we heard from Steven East, one of Shine's stylists, about his two favourite hair trends this season; wet look and knot braids.


The sleek and shiny, slicked back wet look is popular with almost all of the Kardashians, but it's a high-fashion hairstyle that can actually work on us mere normal people too. I can see this looking super chic with a plain black dress for a night out or Christmas party, and it's really easy to do. You start by adding some volume to the roots of your hair with a backcombing brush and some volumising spray, then slick it straight back using a paddle brush to gently smooth the top layer of the hair, and apply a little pomade to the roots to add a high shine. Steve recommends staying away from oil-based products, as they can make the hair look greasy, rather than wet. He used the Aveda brilliant pomade, which creates a mirror shine. The lengths of the hair are left loose - straight, curly or wavy depending on the look you want to achieve! And that's it!


While french, fishtail and waterfall braids have been done to death all summer, knot braids are a refreshing take for the winter months. They're quite easy to do (I think!) and add some interest to a simple ponytail or hair down. It's similar to French braiding, but simpler because you're working with two sections of hair instead of three. You start by taking two small sections of hair from close to the hairline, and tying them in a knot. Then pick up some more hair from each side to add to each existing section, and tie in a knot, and continue doing this down the braid. I've found the trick is to keep the knots pulled tight whilst you're braiding, and then mess it up a little once it's done and secured in place. Steve completed the look with a bit of a beehive pulled into a low, messy pony finished off with a knot covering the band.

Then he did some knot braids on me! And I've been doing them on myself ever since...


So, on to the reason we were all there: to unveil the Shine Bar! The bar of professional quality shampoo, made with quinoa (packed with proteins that deeply nourish the hair) and lemon & ginger, for a fresh and zingy scent. It's ideal for use on shorter hair, so I've given mine to Rich, and you can read his full review here.

However, it can still be used on longer hair too, and as it's so convenient for travelling, or popping in your gym bag, I'm sure I'll be stealing it back from him at some point. I must say, his hair felt incredibly soft and smelt lovely and fresh after he used it, so I'm looking forward to giving it a go.

The bar itself is shaped like a pebble from Brighton beach - which is ideal really because, not only is the bar locally made, but echoes the value of our very 'green' hometown; natural ingredients, not tested on animals, and zero waste - even the packet is biodegradable.



  1. Ooh knot braids. I've never seen those before, and it sounds super simple. Think I'll be trying this!


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