06.08 - I dyed my hair pink and piled on the glitter for Brighton Pride! More pictures and a review of my pink hair dying experience coming soon!

06.08 - This is my friend Tara and me on our float! You can read more about our experience in the parade (and see a video!) on our work blog.

09.08 - Treated myself to the Bobbi Brown eyeliner brush to go with my longwear gel eyeliner. It's made application so much better! 

12.08 - Some lovely blogger mail from the guys Razors by Dorco! I'm going to be testing their new Dorco Eve razor, plus they sent me a Selfridges gift card that is burning a hole in my pocket! 

18.08 - Spent a lot of time looking after this little princess again, I'm now her official dog sitter <3  In fact, she is with me right now, sat on my feet snoring

21.08 - It took an entire afternoon to file my nails into an almond shape. The life of a beauty blogger is so exciting... pretty pleased with the result though! 

25.08 - Had the most delicious three-seafood salad at my mum's posh new gym. Crayfish, smoked salmon and prawns

25.08 - Can you spot Kitty hiding in the flower beds?!

31.08 - Loved working out on the seafront at one of Emily's #earnyourroast bootcamps! More info to come!



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