Essie Gel Couture

Remember in my Debenhams Beauty Press Day round up, I mentioned these twisted (and slightly trippy) Dali-esque Essie bottles? And I had no idea what they were all about? Well, turns out, they're Essie's brand new gel polishes. Once they hit the shelves, I had to try them out, and added a peachy-nude shade "Sew You" and the gel top coat to my ever expanding Essie collection.

I decided to pair my new nail polish with a new nail shape, and spent a good chunk of last Sunday afternoon filing my nails into this almond shape. I think they look much chicer, and far more flattering, than my usual squovals - I'm pretty proud of my handy work, pardon the pun.

Anyway, the Essie Gel Couture polishes. What about them?

The bottle freaks me out, and it totally ruins my shelf of neatly lined up Essies. However, they are quite ergonomic - I'll give them that.

But freaky bottle aside, I'm in love with the Gel Couture formula which ticks all the boxes: opaque colour in one/two coats, curve hugging "1-second" brush, gel-like shine, long wearing and fast drying - with no UV lamp required. The top coat is specially formulated to work with the Gel Couture colour, to lock in shine and prevent chips for up to 14 days. I can't say my manicure ha lasted perfectly for 14 days, but maybe 7... Which is pretty good going for me.

My mum asked if I'd had a professional Shellac manicure when she saw them, so the shine really does replicate "real" gel. But, the Essie Gel Couture polishes are a fraction of the price of investing in gel manicure equipment/regular salon visits, takes half the time to do, and is removed easily with ordinary nail polish remover.

I've also used the top coat over regular Essie shades, which enhances their shine and longevity - so I'd definitely recommend picking up the Gel Couture top coat at least!


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