Better late than never...

03.06 - Kitty came to stay! She may look all cute and adorable here with her little pink nose and her little pink paws, but she also knocked my MacBook off the table, woke us up for food every morning at 4am, and escaped out of the window! 

04.06 - The only sunny day of June (it feels like anyway) was spent lying in the park and painting my nails in Essie's Bikini so Teeny to match the sky. 

05.06 - Brunch with Laura from What Laura Did Next at Sugardough! This smashed avocado, feta and mind on sourdough bread was just glorious! 

06.06 - A girl can only own so many blue and white striped tops, so I got a yellow and white striped top instead!

10.06 - Beautiful seasonal posies in jam jars for sale outside Hove station. 

11.06 - Showing off my St Tropez spray tan and Essie 'Barbados Blue' pedicure

11.06 - I paid a visit to the revamped Beauty Shed - click here to take a look around. 

24.06 - Finally tried a Five Guys after my big work event in London (which is why I've been so distant from my blog this month!) It was SO worth it. 

30.06 - Fell in love with this little place around the corner. It's called 'Rose Cottage' so I think I'm destined to live there one day!

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