05.07 - I spent a day off with my mum, she brought me these beautiful sweet peas from her garden and then we went for lunch at Foodilic.

12.07 - Doggysitted Lola the frug (that's a French Bulldog x Pug) for a few days, and took her to work with me. She decided to hop up on my lap and help me with the email marketing.

16.07 - Finally we had a few sunny days of summer. Rich and I went and sat on the beach in Hove for a few hours.

16.07 - We stopped off for an iced coffee at Small Batch on the way home. Hanging baskets and coffee in a mason jar... it had to be instagrammed.

23.07 - Tried to catch a bit more sun at Preston Park Rock Gardens, my favourite little hideaway in Brighton. I was also super pleased to fit back in last summer's shorts!

24.07 - Protein pancakes after a two hour Sunday morning workout! Made using Protein World's vanilla Slender Blend which tastes delicious! Tastiest protein I've ever used!

24.07 - Spent the afternoon at a pom-pom and prosecco party, which involved making paper pom poms and tasting prosecco for Laura's wedding.

30.07 - Had a lovely day out with Rich's family on Brighton Pier and wandering around the lanes with a Sea Salt Caramel Boho Gelato.

31.07 - Sunday Lunch (with prosecco of course).



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