02.04 - Louise and I had a lovely catch up over a Bill's brunch; avocado and egg on toast, of course.

02.04 - I ordered a new tan strap to update my Olivia Burton Hackney watch. The cream one I had was looking pretty grubby, but it feels like I have a brand new watch!

07.04 - I had an afternoon of press days with Laura. This is the stunning copper and cactus vibe going on in Urban Outfitters homeware... love!

07.04 - We also went to the Debenhams Beauty Press Show (read about all my fave new launches in this post). Couldn't resist a snap of my rose gold metallic loafers against the rainbow striped carpet in the Haymarket Townhouse!

09.04 - Rich papped me on the phone while we had our first drink on the beach of the year! Also, I got this amazing new phone case which has googly-eyed avocados on it. Cos why the hell not?!

23.04 - Tried out the new breakfast delivery service from Deliveroo!

24.04 - Absolutely loving the Pixi Glow Tonic that I picked up this month, it's doing wonders for my complexion!

25.04 - Had to take a day off sick from work with a horrible bug! But pink poorly treats made me feel a little better...

30.04 - Pay day shopping! Couldn't resist the Clinique Chubby in the Nude foundation stick after our coffee date with Clinique and picked up the Pep Start eye cream too. Also, a couple pairs of sunnies from Topshop and some Essie 3 for 2 goodness in Superdrug.



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