Haircare for hard water

Living on the South coast of England, we have 'hard water', meaning it has a higher mineral content than water in other parts of the country. Water that's rich in minerals might sound like we have a spa treatment freely available on tap, but unfortunately not; the minerals in hard water create a barrier that prevents moisture from entering the hair, resulting in dry, dull and tangly hair.

But those living in soft water areas (the North, Scotland, Cornwall) don't get off scot-free either. Soft water affects the hair in a different way, often leaving it looking limp and greasy.

Thankfully, some brainiac biochemists have created Area H2o; a range of haircare products that work with the different water types, combatting the effects that mineral deposits have on the hair.

I've been testing out the shampoo* and conditioner* for hard water, and for coloured hair in particular. Usually my hair is super frizzy, dry and dull when I first wash and dry it. I always need to add some kind of serum to give it some shine and tame the frizz. But the first time I washed my hair with Area H2o, I couldn't get over how sleek and shiny my locks were, just after a rough dry. Now, I'll be honest - Area H2o is not the most glamorous or luxurious looking product in the world, it's a bit too 'scientific' for me, and it's not something I'd be drawn to on the shelf. But the results blew me away; it really does work.

Does your hair suffer due to your local water type?



  1. I tried this ages ago, and you've reminded me how much I liked it!

    Sophie x

  2. Ah I actually think the packaging is nice, it's kinda sleek and clean which would make me look at it twice. And I'm all for sleeky locks so will keep a look out for this!

    xx ♥ La Coco Noire


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