I got my hair did!

Entering the second quarter-century of my life, I thought it was about time I updated my look with something a little bit more sophisticated. My long blonde locks were looking a bit worse for wear, having rarely been cut in the past two years; the ends were dry and scraggly, the length was weighing down any volume and the colour had gone a bit yellowish and straw-like.

So, as an early birthday treat to myself, I booked a half-day off work and spent the afternoon at the hairdressers for a colour refresh and a BIG chop!

I go to Shine, on Gloucester Street in Brighton's North Laines - it's lovely in there, and has a really different atmosphere to most hairdressers; wood and scaffolding, tan leather chairs and exposed light bulbs give a cool, laid back vibe, and the staff are really chilled and friendly - no stuffy receptionists here! It's not cheap, but not the most expensive in Brighton either, but I truly believe you pay for what you get when it comes to hair. I've had too many hair disasters to try and get a bargain! Plus, they make it worth it, with little treats like an aromatherapy head massage when you arrive and incredible massage chairs at the sinks!

Shine Hair & Beauty Brighton

Shine Hair and Beauty Brighton

This time round I had a new colourist (Alice) and stylist (Dawn), which is always a little nerve wracking at first, but they both put me at ease with a really in-depth consultation and totally putting up with my indecisiveness without showing a hint of frustration!

I knew I wanted to go shorter, but was scared about getting so much cut off. So before my colour, Dawn literally just chopped off my ponytail in one snip - no going back!  When it came to the proper cutting/styling though, she was one of the most attentive hairdressers I've ever had. She cut a centimetre off at a time, taking it shorter and shorter in tiny steps until we found the perfect length I was happy with.  I also had some much-needed shaping around my face, which looks SO much better than the one-length-all-over that I had before.

Cut and colour at Shine BrightonHead of highlights at Shine Brighton

I absolutely love the finished look. The brighter, cooler blonde is much fresher (and I think it suits my complexion better) and I am loving the length - it's so much bouncier and easy to manage! Now I'm just playing around with styling it myself (little french braids for the gym were fun!) I think loose curls look best, or salt sprayed and scrunched for the mornings when bed beats curling tongs! 

Would/have you had a drastic amount cut off your hair? (OK, 'drastic' is a bit overdramatic, but losing six inches was terrifying!) 



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    1. Thank you! It does when I curl it - still getting used to styling it in a rush though! x

  2. It looks lovely! That length and style really suits you. The hairdressers looks awesome too, love the vibe they have going on!

    1. Thanks Katie - the length is taking some getting used to but I do like it a lot! x


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