10.03 I turned 25! On my birthday, I went to the Mermaid Spa with my mum (where I pulled out the 'make a wish' mermaid oracle card!) and out for dinner with my Dad. 

12.03 Rich and I spent my birthday weekend in Dorset. We went out for a lovely meal at The True Lover's Knot, where we had an entire baked camembert with french bread! 

13.03 We also went to Monkey World in Dorset. I loved the Lemur enclosure where you can walk alongside the Lemurs who are left to roam free!

19.03 I went to the Brighton Blog Meet, where I caught up with some of my favourites, got an amazing goody bag (here's a look inside) and met some lovely new bloggers; Georgia, Katie and Beth

25.03 The long bank holiday weekend started with some cocktails with my new work friends.

27.03 We went to my mum's for a big Easter Sunday lunch, including my mum's amazing and very yummy Simnel cake!

28.03 Easter Monday - I slobbed out all day (after a double workout) in my new pyjamas (which are just the best in the world) and finished off all the cake/chocolate/junk food in the house ready for....

30.03 ...getting back on a health kick in my new Pink Soda Sport gym top. I also bought the Body Coach's Lean in 15 book and made...

31.03 .... a Nut & Mango smoothie. SO GOOD. Raspberries, Mango, Almond Butter and Almond Milk - perfect quick breakfast!



  1. I love Pink Soda stuff, it's cropping up everywhere atm!

    Sophie x


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