Dining with Deliveroo

We do love a Saturday night takeaway in our household (and let's be real, on most other nights of the week too) so I was pretty excited when Deliveroo started up in Brighton a few months back. Deliveroo is a takeaway service that'll pick up food from your favourite restaurants and deliver to your front door; from nationwide chains like Wagamama and Yo Sushi to local independent restaurants and cafes.

I'd wanted to try Deliveroo for aaaages, but was worried that the food wouldn't withstand the journey via motorbike to my house, so always ended up sticking with a trusty Dominos or Chinese takeaway. So I jumped at the chance to try out the service for free to review on my blog!

There are loads of my favourite Brighton restaurants on Deliveroo, but my Dad and I ate at the Chilli Pickle on my birthday (a kooky street-food inspired Indian restaurant in Brighton) and I really enjoyed it, so we decided to order from there. Chilli Pickle have just launched a new takeaway lunch menu, but we decided to order at dinner time.

The Deliveroo website, in general, is super easy to use, and the mobile app is even better as it gives you a countdown and even shows you your driver (biker?) making his way to your house! However, the Chilli Pickle menu isn't a conventional curry house takeaway (they present your curry in cardboard trays with little pots of different dishes to try) so I did find myself having to check out the Chilli Pickle's own website to understand quite what I was ordering. On there, they had helpful little diagrams showing what you get in a 'Railway Tray' vs the 'Grand Thali Box'- it would be helpful to have these on the Deliveroo site I think. Having said that, I've since ordered a Gourmet Burger Kitchen from Deliveroo (which has a much more self-explanatory menu!) and that was a far more simple process!

The food did in fact survive its motorbike ride, and arrived perfectly in tact and piping hot, within about 45 minutes. We each ordered a Railway Tray; a curry of your choice (I had a Persian Royal Chicken Korma, Rich had a Kashmiri Gosht), rice, and a selection of dishes including chutney, dal, crackers and naan bread. Aside from being beautifully presented in fun canteen-style cardboard trays, this is no ordinary Indian takeaway.

I'm no food critic, but the Chilli Pickle is far from your average curry house; my chicken was beautifully cooked, the korma sauce was divinely creamy and made with cashews, ginger and rose. The brightly coloured pink and green rice crackers are a far cry from your standard popadom and as well as using authentic ingredients from all over India, The Chilli Pickle use locally sourced ingredients too; Rich's curry fused Kashmiri chillies with South Downs Mutton Shoulder. 

I don't think we'll be going back to ordering greasy takeaways anymore, when we could have our favourite restaurant meals delivered for just £2.50! 

What's your favourite takeaway? 



  1. That looks so yum! Could so eat this right now! x

    hailandharmony.blogspot.ie // BLOGLOVIN

    1. It's gorgeous - a famous Brighton must-eat! If you ever visit, you should go to the restaurant!

  2. This is brilliant isn't it! Would love to get GBK delivered or a nandos!! Doubt it will ever make it to Eastbourne lol

    1. No I don't think they deliver to Eastbourne yet :-( but I saw a tweet the other day saying that they're expanding their reach! x

  3. Yum, that looks just amazing! Can't wait to try my Deliveroo next week! :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog


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