5 ways to care for highlighted hair

1. Protect your colour 

Highlights aren't cheap, so it's worth investing in some decent colour protect shampoo & conditioner to keep your colour looking fresher for longer! My hairdresser recommends using any salon professional brand (My favourite is Pureology's Hydrate range which has Anti-Fade Complex) but you can get some great, more affordable options on the High Street, like John Frieda's Sheer Blonde range for one. Their 'Everlasting Blonde' shampoo & conditioner is really good for maintaining a vibrant colour straight from the salon, and then the 'Go Blonder' shampoo & conditioner* are great for lightening your colour by up to two shades, after it starts to fade.

2. Use a nourishing mask

Blonde hair is often prone to being dry and brittle; this is because the cuticle shafts open during the bleaching process and allow moisture to escape. Highlighted hair will never be as soft and healthy as untreated hair, but using a nourishing mask on the regular will help to rehydrate and regain elasticity. I love amika's Nourishing Mask with Sea Buckthorn Berry, which looks gorgeous, smells gorgeous, and leaves my hair deeply conditioned.

3. Leave-in products

The downside of blonde hair is that it has a tendency to go frizzy, dull and straw-like! Serums, leave in conditioners, oils etc are so necessary to keep blonde hair looking healthy. My two absolute favourites that I use on a daily basis (sometimes together, sometimes alone) are the Bumble & Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil Primer and the Original & Mineral Project Sukuroi Smoothing Balm*.

The Bumble Primer is an infusion of six lightweight oils that leave my hair super soft and manageable, reducing frizz and protecting against heat and UV. The O&M Smoothing Balm is also wonderfully softening and can be used on wet hair, as a leave in repair treatment, or on dry hair as a finishing, smoothing, shine-enhancing balm.

4. Lay off the heat

Overheating already dehydrated hair just further reduces it's moisture and elasticity, making it dryer and even more damaged. When I have the time I try to let my hair air dry, or if I need to use the hairdryer I use the cooler heat setting. As my hair is super frizzy, it needs smoothing down with the straighteners (which isn't the best) but I always use a heat protection spray (the ghd Heat Protect Spray, if you were wondering!)  

5. Get a decent hairbrush

As well as being brittle and prone to breakages, the raised/rough cuticles of highlighted hairs interlock and tangle, so a gentle detangling brush is an absolute must. I couldn't live without my Wet Brush; I actually have three! One for the shower, one for my dresser and one for my bag. It's 'intelliflex' bristles and air cushion work together to minimise tugging and pulling (therefore minimising breakages) and make easy work of detangling. I recommend everyone get themselves a Wet Brush, regardless of hair colour - read my full Wet Brush review here if you need further convincing.

How do you care for your coloured hair?



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