New beauty bits for Spring

I got home from work in daylight for the first time this week, yellow daffodils are brightening up my walk to the gym, and far too many packets of mini-eggs are being consumed. This can only mean one thing - Spring is finally around the corner.

So what to do when a new season is upon us? Mix up my beauty regime accordingly, of course! I've updated my beauty bag with a few new products for a fresher, lighter, glowier springtime look.

Trilogy CoQ10 Booster Oil*

This facial oil has given my complexion a bit of a 'spring clean'; it aids skin recovery and boosts radiance. Trilogy use natural ingredients, but the CoQ10 Booster Oil is the first product to include their new breakthrough ingredient, Glycablend, which slows down the ageing process glycation by boosting the skin's collagen and elastin production.

As I turn 25 this spring, I hope that the Glycablend is stopping the clock on my skin's ageing, but as for visible effects of the oil so far? Well, my skin was looking a bit dull and tired after Christmas, and after introducing the Booster Oil into my skincare regime at the end of Jan, my skin has definitely got a bit of it's glow back, as well as feeling suppler and smoother.

£29.50 from John Lewis

Essie Tea & Crumpets

I'm loving understated neutrals on my nails at the moment, but the pearlised finish of Essie's Tea and Crumpets sets it apart from other nude shades. I think it looks so glossy, groomed and effortlessly chic.

Essie describe the shade as a 'subtle and frosted beige', which pretty much sums it up perfectly. In the past I've found it hard to find a frosted pale nail polish that provides a decent coverage - they often look quite wishy washy unless you apply four/five coats - but Essie have pulled it out of the bag yet again with this one. Just as with their creme polishes, perfect coverage is achieved with just two coats. Definitely a wise addition to my Essie collection.

£7.99 from Boots

BareMinerals bareSkin Complete Coverage Concealer

bareMinerals brand new concealer hit counters earlier this month, and I thought it sounded just perfect for Spring skin. It's a concealer and a serum in one, so it provides long lasting skincare benefits while brightening those under eye circles that have darkened over the long winter months!

It's a super lightweight and silky smooth consistency, which means it's a total breeze to blend in and it melts into the skin, unlike the waxy texture heavy concealers that tend to sit on top of the skin and have the tendency to cake!

£22 from Debenhams

What new products are you loving for Spring?



  1. That is such a pretty nail polish shade!

    Sophie x

  2. That essie shade is so pretty, perfect for spring! Looks so delicate!
    Charlotte //


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