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Estée Lauder Gift With Purchase at Debenhams

 A free gift with purchase, especially one this pretty, always justifies a beauty spend-up - am I right? From now until Sunday 13th March, Debenhams are giving away this little bag of gorgeousness when you buy any two products from the Estée Lauder counter. And as if you needed further persuading, but Mother's Day falls right in the middle of the promotion, making it a no brainer really.

The set includes four bits of skincare and three cosmetic products, all of which come inside a beautiful silk make-up bag printed with a retro illustration from Estee Lauder's Spring 1969 collection. Here's what's inside:

Estée Lauder Gift at Debenhams

The blogosphere's favourite foundation, apparently. The gift includes an empty bottle, big enough to hold a 21 day supply, to take to the Estée Lauder counter and find your perfect shade. I can't wait to go and fill mine up, and find out what everyone's been raving about!

Advanced Night Repair

Another blogger cult product, and I can vouch that this one lives up to the hype. Applied before bed, the warm, sandalwoody scent is perfect to help you unwind and relax, while the silky serum works it's magic overnight, leaving a noticeably smoother and more radiant complexion in the morning. I definitely want to pick up a full size version of this, as I'm sure we'll become inseparable. 

Advanced Night Repair Gel Eye Cream

The matching eye cream to the Advanced Night Repair serum, and just as lovely thanks to it's velvety gel texture. It works overnight to reduce puffiness, fine lines and dark circles - that's what I call beauty sleep. Although only a teeny tiny 5ml pot, I can see this lasting a while as a tiny amount goes a long way. Plus - perfect for taking on your travels.

Take It Away Make Up Remover Lotion

A smoothing and soothing gel/cream/lotion that quickly and gently breaks down make-up. It has a fresh scent that leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. My favourite part is that it can be washed off, or simply wiped away with a cotton pad (no rinsing required), so it's perfect for those lazy nights where you really cba. (naughty but we're all guilty from time to time). 

DayWear Moisturiser

The first thing I noted about the DayWear moisturiser was it's refreshing cucumber scent - the perfect pick-me-up first thing in the morning. The thick cream is hydrating to protect against the elements and prevent signs of ageing, and most importantly, it contains SPF 15 (which will hopefully be more and more necessary as the weeks roll into Spring...)

Pure Color Lipstick in Wildly Pink

This surprisingly wearable shade of corally-pink lipstick is so pretty for Spring! I often shy away from any bright lip colours, but this one's so easy to pull off - even for me. The formula is moisturising, pigmented and gives a high shine finish. The sample in the gift bag is actually full size, despite it coming in plainer packaging than the version you'd buy off the shelf.

Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Beautiful Liar

I've only just given my nails a fresh lick of paint, so haven't had chance to try this yet, but I'm in love with the colour; a pinkish raspberry red. I can't wait to try this out on my next manicure!



  1. Oh this is such a amazing free gift! Will have to go to debenhams at the weekend 😉


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