Rosie & Gym: Week One

To say I overindulged over Christmas would be an understatement. I basically only left the sofa to replenish the cheeseboard or swap the tub of Quality Street for the tub of Cadbury's Heroes. And let's be honest, the months leading up to December weren't much better, although I was still in the gym. Now I'm paying the price; literally none of my clothes fit (I've lived in some old stretchy jeggings and baggy jumpers all week), my skin is looking dull and spotty, and I feel lethargic.

So, I'm joining the rest of the first world and have vowed to get back into shape and regain my strength and fitness. I'm staying away from the scales, but want to feel considerably slimmer, healthier and happier by my 25th birthday in March. So here's how my first week went.


I didn't actually find the healthy eating too hard, or crave any naughty food - even on Cake Friday at work! I opted for quick and easy meals like fish & veg, soup, healthy chilli con carne with brown rice and took leftovers to work for lunch. I'm not a big drinker anyway, so staying away from the booze wasn't a problem.

I planned to treat myself to a smoked salmon and (low fat) cream cheese bagel on Sunday morning after boxing training. It was something to look forward to all week and it was SO GOOD when I finally rewarded myself with it this morning! Plus, as it was still a fairly healthy choice (not a pizza) I don't feel guilty.


I scrapped my plan to go balls out and exercise every single day as a combination of going back to work, and drastically reducing my calorie intake, left me feeling really tired. Instead I managed 45 min Zumba on Monday (although there's a new instructor and her class was WAY too easy), 1 hr Body Attack on Thursday, 45 min Zumba and 45 min Body Sculpt on Saturday and 1 hr boxing on Sunday.

I also walked to and from work Monday - Friday; half an hour power walk each way (with a huge uphill incline on the way there!)


I haven't started with the supplements yet, as I think they're to be introduced when things get a bit more serious. However, I have started a two week 'teatox' of Slimatee, which is just one of those *ahem* 'cleansing' teas, but far far cheaper than the brands you see plastered all over Instagram. It's only £3.59 in Holland & Barrett and does the same job/has the same ingredients as Tiny Tea, Boo Tea etc. Without going into too much detail, these teas contain Senna leaf and make you go to the toilet a lot. The first few days it didn't kick in properly (too full of stodge I suppose) and then it began to work, leaving me feeling a little lighter and less bloated. Another week to go....

What I enjoyed: 

Vegetables. The only veg I'd eaten since October was in my Christmas dinner, so to treat my body to some goodness was bloody lovely.

What I didn't enjoy: 

Seeing my fitness levels plummet back to zero. I used to bounce around the gym studio keeping up with the instructors and fitness freaks. It was quite tough to take being back at the very bottom of the game. I felt really angry with myself for throwing away all my progress from the last two years.

How have you got on with your health & fitness plans in the first week of 2016?



  1. I know exactly how you've been feeling, my clothes were getting a bit tight before Christmas and now it's gone from bad to worse! I was eating healthily last week but that's went out the window this weekend when I had a pizza last night :( thanks for the motivation to get back on the band wagon though! x

    Just Charlotte

  2. I can relate to this so much! I wasn't overly fit before but I've noticed such a difference in my fitness levels. I did spin & 2 body combat classes last week - found them so much more difficult then before. It'll all come back in time though! Good luck!
    Sarah @

  3. I totally understand how you are feeling. I feel so rubbish from all the christmas chocolates, planning to start this week now there are no more left in the house.
    ps. Love the tile "Rosie & Gym"!

  4. I totally understand you! Cant wait to read your review about the teatox :)


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