How to stick to a health kick

Oh déjà vu! It's January, the button on my jeans no longer closes over my cheese belly, and there's only toffee pennies left in the Quality Street tin. My days of wearing pyjama bottoms all day are numbered, and I'm concerned about what I'm going to fit into for work on Monday. It's time to get back on it, and frankly I can't wait! 

When I've fallen off the wagon in the over indulgence of Christmas, it can be tricky to get back into a healthy routine. Here are a few little hacks that help me stick to a health kick...


Exercise isn't my downfall - but pizza is! Rich and I have agreed that every time one of us suggests a takeaway, we'll have to put the money we'd have spent on it in our savings account. We'll put some money away AND stay on track - win win.


Last summer was the first time I'd ever let anyone take a photo of me in a bikini - I was far from perfectly toned and skinny, but I wish I still looked like that now! I've set my desktop/phone backgrounds to holiday pictures as a daily reminder of why I am going to the gym in the rain at 6am and eating broccoli stir fry instead of pizza for dinner. It may seem a bit narcissistic, but I prefer having inspirational photos of myself rather than fitness models, as I know it's an achievable image!


Whether I'm going out for a run, going solo in the gym or going to a class, I like to plan exercise into my weekly routine. I'll do Zumba on a Monday, Boxing on a Tuesday, gym on a Wednesday and so on. That way, exercise just becomes a part of my routine and I don't have to try and painfully drag myself off the sofa.


Sportswear is slowly taking over my wardrobe space; there's nothing like a fresh new outfit to get me down the gym. I got a few Sweaty Betty bits for Christmas, and treated myself to someH&M sportswear in the sales. New Look's sports range is also on point, and Fabletics (although a little pricey) has some gorgeous designs and is great quality.


...for when you'll need them - birthday parties, weddings, etc. You'll avoid having to sit there feeling miserable and deprived when you're friends have their heads in a bowl of creamy carbonara AND you'll know that there's something to look forward to when you're really craving junk food.


...but break it down in to achievable chunks. The more little victories you can celebrate, the more motivated you'll feel to carry on.

For anyone hoping to lose some weight or just lead a healthier lifestyle in 2016, I hope you find my tips useful! They work for me, and I hope they work for you too. Do you have any other ways to keep motivated? Let me know!



  1. Fantastic read! I've just got into a routine :) so it'll be interesting to see if I can utilize your tips throughout 2016 x

  2. I will definitely be using these tips! Getting into shape is a big one for me this year and not to lose weight but to just live a healthier lifestyle. Can't wait to see our progress this year!

  3. I can't explain how glad I am that I stumbled upon this post!My 2016 goal is to change my lifestyle completely.I want to start working out and eating healthy for many different reasons that I explained on my blog and this post is helping me so much!I think that takeaway money idea is brilliant!I am looking forward to reading this post over and over when I get to the point of feeling unmotivated!Thank you for this.xx

  4. I'm finding it so useful to plan my exercise into my week - it's so much easier to think, Ah, Tuesday, swim, than to get up and try to talk myself into doing something!
    Good luck with your goals!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours


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