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I seem to have built up quite the Bumble & bumble collection. I blame the man on the counter in Brighton Boots - he's just so cute and always coerces me into buying something!

Despite my growing collection though, Bumble & bumble is not a brand I am madly in love with; I find it quite hit and miss to be honest. And not just that some products are good and some are bad - I find that one day a certain product is brilliant, and the next day it just doesn't deliver the same results!

With this in mind I thought I'd give a mini review of the eight products I own, the ones I love and the the ones I'm not sold on.

Tonic lotion

This is most useful for refreshing hair after the gym; you know when it's a bit damp and sweaty but not quite in need of a wash? It's a wet spray with a lovely blend of herbs and tea tree oil which leaves the hair smelling fresh and scalp feeling clean. It's a fantastic detangling spray too.

Verdict: A must for busy gym bunnies - very refreshing and soothing.
£17 from feelunique

Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer

This is a deeply intensive leave in conditioner and leaves my hair really soft, silky and more manageable. Unlike other products of it's kind, and although it's infused with six different oils, it's a totally weightless mist and is undetectable in the hair. It's great for both for a moisture boost after washing, or to reset windswept, tangled hair back to a smooth, silky and virgin like state.

Verdict: LOVE. Get it.
£20.50 from feelunique


A silky serum that smoothes down frizzy flyaways and protects against humidity, preventing frizz from returning. It also adds quite a glossy sheen too. I do really like this, but that could be because I got it for a fiver on the Boots clearance shelf. For the full price, there are cheaper serums that do the same thing, BUT, as you literally need the smallest drop at a time, a bottle is sure to last YEARS.

Verdict: Good, but overpriced.

Grooming Creme

I find it really good for styling without heat. It moulds the hair into the shape you want and leaves a glossy sheen (although with a bit of a sticky feel). I like to twist it through the lengths of my hair to create undone textured curls, and they last all day. But this is one of those hit or miss types that I was talking about at the beginning. Sometimes it just won't go the way you want it, and then you're stuck with a tacky feel in your hair and a bit of a texturised mess. 

Verdict: Great when it works, but unreliable.

Cityswept finish 

This spray has a medium hold for perfecting that messy 'lived-in' style, and it's waxy mist adds texture and separation to the lengths of the hair. Sometimes I like to use this when my hair is a mess and I need to make it look like it's purposely a mess, a desperate quick fix solution(ish) I suppose, but I don't love it.

Verdict: I don't think I know what to do with it? Can't you just go outside in the wind and get the same effect?
£22 from feelunique


A dry shampoo and volumising powder, the prêt-a-powder does add significant lift to my roots and breathe a bit of life back into yesterday's 'do. I far prefer a powder over a spray dry shampoo as it really does absorb any oil and make hair look fresh, however it leaves a bit more of a 'matted', sticky feeling - but I can live with that. It's also quite good for adding some texture and subtle hold to a messy plait. My main gripe with the prêt-a-powder is the pin-prick sized hole that releases the product - it takes a whole lotta shaking to get enough powder out!

Verdict: Brilliant for weekend's away/lazy mornings.

Surf Spray

When I had a bit of a 'lob' going on, I absolutely LOVED this product; a bit of spritzing and scrunching resulted in gorgeous beachy waves (like in this insta selfie! 84 weeks ago WHAT). But now my hair's grown really quite long (it's only been trimmed once in those 84 weeks!) I just can't get the same effect.

Verdict: A styling saviour when you're in a rush. Get it if you have shorter (shoulder length or above) hair.
£22 from feelunique

Surf Infusion

I hoped the Surf Infusion might be a better surf spray for longer hair, and also kinder to my now more bleached locks thanks to the oil infusion. It does add a little wavy movement to my lengths (and I'd imagine it would work better on shorter hair) and does leave less of a 'crispy' feeling than the original surf, but with this it definitely compromises on hold - an hour or two in and I'd just be left with straight but textured hair.

Verdict: Get the original Surf Spray.
£21.50 from feelunique



  1. My hair's curly meaning that frizz is inevitable no matter how hard I try to avoid it, I'm yet to try BB products and judging from the reviews online Defrizz serum sounds really good for my hair texture! (the price is quite steep though >.<)
    Monochrome Daisies

  2. Very interesting to read your thoughts. I bought their curl creme & thought I loved the product I was shocked when the packaging broke where I'd had to squeeze the bottle to get the creme out. I was really disappointed in this & as a result some of the product went to waste as it hardened with air being able to get to it. I couldn't take it back as I don't have a Boots that stock Bumble & Bumble near me. As a result, I've not bought any of their products again. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  3. i always hear such good things about their stuff but i've never tried anything, i really want to try the dry shampoo!

    danielle | avec danielle

  4. Recently started falling for Bumble and Bumble myself since deciding to try more with my hair rather than just brushing it and leaving it at that and I agree with you the Pret-a-Powder is lovely stuff and I do find it leaves lovely volume but also texture in my hair but the pin sized hole is a pain! But I actually really like the Surf Infusion over the salt spray, its so much gentler on my hair and I love how it leaves my hair looking


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