A thought on blogging...

Every new year, I promise myself I'll make more of a consistent effort with my blog. But, as the months roll by, my hours are spent at work, at the gym, or watching Netflix(!) and this little part of the internet gets a bit neglected from time to time.

I feel really frustrated with blogging a lot of the time; there's such pressure to be constantly active on social media, have perfectly crafted photos and post daily.

A lot of bloggers manage to do all this amongst their full time jobs and social lives (hats off to you - how do you do it?!) but I've recently found my blog yet another weight on my mind. Since I started writing Everything's Rosie in 2011, blogging standards have sky rocketed, and I feel a little bit lost amongst a sea of far more superior bloggers.

But blogging has given me so much. I've learnt basic coding, and massively improved my photography skills. It's an impressive talking point in interviews, and has helped me get many jobs. I've had the opportunity to discover new products, earn a little bit of money and work with great brands. I was shortlisted for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award. And best of all, blogging has introduced me to some of the girls I now call my friends.

For 2016, I'm not going to promise more regular content or aim for hundreds more followers. Instead, my blogging goal is to enjoy blogging again and focus on producing quality content that I am proud of, is true to me, and that my readers can enjoy! With my new MacBook, blogging will be a far more enjoyable process, and by taking a more laid-back approach to the whole thing, I hope this will be reflected in some great (even if sporadic) content.

What are your blogging goals for the new year? Do you ever feel frustrated or pressured as a blogger?



  1. I think that's a wonderful goal. At the end of the day if you don't love what you're doing, it's hard to expect other people to love it too. I think a lot of the successful bloggers are one of two things. They either have a lot of money and time at their disposal in order to make their blogs amazing, or they truly truly love what they are doing and it shines through. Or both :P

    Jasmine / sweetaholic-beauty.com


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