Embryolisse Radiant Eye

This wonderful little stick is my new best friend in the mornings. It does to my appearance what coffee does to my mood.

With just a quick swipe under each eye, the cooling gel stick makes my skin look, and feel, awakened. The cold sensation not only leaves a fresh feeling, but also works to decongest the tissue in the under-eye area to depuff tired eyes and reduce dark circles.

Known to the French as the 'Secret de Maquilleurs' (or make-up artist's secret), the Embryolisse Radiant Eye stick is a make-up bag must have. As well as working as an instant eraser for dark and puffy eye bags that we all experience, no matter how much sleep we get the night before, but it leaves the skin perfectly smooth and perfectly primed for concealer. Perhaps it has something to do with them both being a 'secret', but the Radiant Eye used in partnership with the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer is a match made in heaven. The creamy paste consistency of the LM concealer grips on to the Radiant Eye while it's still slightly tacky, and stays put (and crease-free) ALL day.

But Embryolisse Radiant Eye isn't just for using under your make-up, first thing in the morning. It's great for refreshing and perking up tired eyes throughout the day. I have a second application (over my make up) when I have my afternoon cup of coffee to survive through the 4pm slump!

I fell in love with Embryolisse's hero product, Lait-Creme Concentrate (and stocked up on three tubes for fear of ever running out) and now I love this too. I can't wait to see what else Embryolisse have to offer!



  1. OOh that sounds good, and it is so diddy!

    Sophie x

  2. Sounds like a great product! You have a great site!



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