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Our skin puts up with a lot of crap throughout the day; make-up, sweat, pollution - all clogging up the pores resulting in a dull complexion and, potentially, spots. We all know how important it is to stick to a cleansing routine to remove the day's dirt and help keep skin clear, but with the average woman applying 13 products to her skin every day, is an ordinary soap-and-water job good enough? 

Sonic cleansing brushes give skin a far deeper clean, and the latest innovation in sonic cleansing, the Clarisonic Smart Profile*, removes make-up 11x better than washing your face with your hands! 

What's the Clarisonic Smart Profile?

I'm a total newbie to sonic cleansing, and have jumped straight into the deep end with the Rolls Royce of cleansing devices. It has four speeds, a longer lasting battery life, and comes with a body brush attachment too. But what makes the Smart Profile smart, is that the speed and duration of the brush's oscillations adjust automatically for the perfect deep cleanse. 

With the Smart Dynamic Facial Brush attached, the Smart Profile is programmed to 40 seconds of powerful vibrations for the T-zone, followed by a gentler setting for 10 seconds on each cheek. 

With the Smart Turbo Massage Body Brush attached, the device is programmed to a three minute full body cleanse and massage. The brush pulsates during the massage section. 

The brush features a Turbo button too, which really takes your cleansing to the next level. On days when I've worn liquid foundation or spent the day out in London, I'll give my skin a quick turbo blast. 

My first sonic cleansing experience:

Before I began using the Clarisonic Smart Profile, I wasn't really sold. At £199, it's a pricey gadget to do something that you can do for free with your hands. But I've truly been convinced that sonic cleansing does indeed give a far deeper clean than manual washing. 

Immediately after use, my face appears bright and shiny. I can really see that there is absolutely NO dirt or product left buried in my pores. When I rinse the cleanser off, my face is literally squeaky clean, and super smooth.

Considering I started out with pretty good skin, I'm surprised at just how much it has improved after a month of using the Clarisonic Smart Profile. It's noticeably more radiant and has an improved texture on my nose and chin.

Perhaps my favourite thing about sonic cleansing is the fact that serum and moisturiser absorb into the skin better when the pores are totally clean. I love applying Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate to my face after using the Smart Profile, and I can feel my skin soaking up all the ingredients allowing it to work better than usual.

The Smart Profile kit includes Clarisonic's own brand cleanser and body polish, but I opted to stick with my ordinary skincare products. I found using a foam cleanser was lovely as it lathered up and spread across the face easily. 

I haven't used the body brush as much as the facial brush, but I found it great at exfoliating the tops of my arms and my thighs, where I get those bobbly bits. I will be investing in the Pedi Disc though, which is compatible with the Smart Profile, making it a three-in-one device. 

It is an expensive gadget, but if you just can't get that super clean feeling, soft texture and glowing complexion you crave from your current skincare routine, consider popping it on your Christmas list. 



  1. I love how refreshed I feel after using something like this!

    Sophie x


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