The Shard

Yesterday was Rich's birthday, so we went to celebrate with a glass of champagne at the top of The Shard. I knew he had been wanting to go up for ages, so I waited until we were on the train into London to give him his present, a Ted Baker wallet, with surprise tickets inside.

We just caught the end of the garden installation which has transformed the 72nd floor into a lovely English country garden in the sky - faux grass covers the floor and over 2000 varieties of flowers and plants line the windows 800ft above the city. 

Although it was a bit of a dreary, grey day, we still got some great views across the city and learnt lots of fun London facts. Did you know that there's a legal requirement that St Paul's Cathedral must be visible from 13 other London locations? That's why so many of London's skyscrapers are strange shapes - so that they don't obstruct the view of St Paul's! 

Sipping champagne so high up was making us a little light headed, so we thought it best to have our next drink back on the ground. We went to Bill's for lunch - I had a fish finger sandwich and a glass of prosecco. 

Next door to Bill's is the Clink Prison Museum - the oldest and most notorious prison in England. Rich and I have a weird shared interest in anything crime related (just us...?) so decided to go in and take a look at the medieval torture devices and prison cells. What a fun way to spend a birthday! 

The afternoon was spent mooching around Selfridges and obviously I couldn't resist a purchase in the beauty hall (the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer), before strolling across to Soho for dinner at Wright Brothers Oyster House. We were too scared to try oysters but instead both went for half a lobster - a messy but delicious experience! 



  1. We went to the shard last year! So lovely and great views! Hope you had a lovely day! x


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