That 70's Style

I'm getting well into the seventies vibe for Autumn. Suede, ribbed sweaters, polo necks, and a warm colour palette of browns and oranges. I've also been won over by the retro patterns that I used to hate on the curtains and cushions in my granny's caravan. Paisley, illustrated florals and brown and orange stripes are all a YES. I've already spent a small fortune on some 70s style additions to my wardrobe, so expect some outfit posts coming next week!

I've made a seventies pinterest board to inspire my style this season - I'm especially in love with the brown floral dress and camel hat (in the pic above) and it's now my mission to find a dress like that (so if you see one, PLEASE tweet me!).  I've invested in a couple of courdroy button-down skirts and I'm pretty excited to get my Topshop floppy hat out again, but hopefully I'll have the confidence to wear it in public this year!

There are plenty of 70s style icons to turn to for inspiration; Charlie's Angels, Bridget Bardot, Debbie Harry - but my favourite is my Mum! She was my age in the late 70's and now I've started wearing my hair in a centre parting like she did back then, I look just like her in old photos! I just wish she'd kept some of her old clothes!

PS: How cool is the 1972 plate bright orange Beetle? I was very pleasantly surprised when Rich's friends turned up to give us a lift in this last weekend!



  1. I am loving the 70's style at the moment, All the colours are perfect for autumn too I cant stop shopping!

    Zoe Mountford x


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