The Best Brow Product Ever

I've tried my fair share of brow products before, but nothing has done it for me quite like this little pot of brow powder that has the ability to transform my patchy, mousey-coloured eyebrows into thick, full and groomed brows that Cara would be proud of.

Silk Oil of Morocco's Fibre Brow Enhancer* is a tinted powder which contains tiny hair-like fibres that cling to the natural eyebrow hair, adding volume and filling in any sparse patches. It's got a doe foot applicator, which I personally find is the perfect shape and size - the flat 'foot' part quickly covers the thicker inner part of my brows, and I turn the wand to use the edge of the applicator for a finer line on the tail end of the brow and for creating a bold and defined shape.

The fibres mimic real hairs which gives the appearance of naturally full brows, unlike other products that just cover up bald patches with pigment. And as it's a dry powder, there's no shiny, greasy look (that I sometimes find with wax products) or horrible crispy feel (that I had with the Sleek Brow Perfector Gel). As with any loose powder product, I do experience a teeny bit of fallout on my nose/cheeks, but this is easily swept away with a big, fluffy powder brush.

I'm always cautious with heavily pigmented brow products that I'll end up with a scouse brow, but the Fibre Brow Enhancer gives me my ideal amount of colour without looking too heavy. I use the shade light, which I suppose is quite deep - but there's an extra light availble on their website for you real blondies!

I know we're all guilty of buying a product just because we like the look of it, but as it's what's inside that counts, I'd overlook the packaging on this one. In my opinion, the bottle is a bit cheap-looking and certainly doesn't do justice to the high-end quality product inside.

Aside from the fact that the Fibre Brow Enhancer basically allows you to grow your own Cara-worthy brows instantly, the second best thing about this product is that it doesn't budge. I even went to a Body Attack class, sweated like a pig, yet my eyebrows remained looking fabulous (shame about the eyeliner streaming down my cheeks, note to self; remove make-up before evening gym classes!). It's easy enough to remove at bedtime though, just with some Micellar Water or your normal cleanser.

So what do you think? For me, it's true love. One for any brow-lover's shopping list I reckon!



  1. This looks amazing! Definitely need to try!

    Alisha x

  2. I absolutely hated this product as I found the brush was far too thick for precise application, but it looks amazing on you Rosie! Perhaps it's just my dodgy brows!! x

    Laura @ Lolaandbehold


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