New Start, New Look

Tank Top* from New Look  / Sports Leggings* from New Look /  Water bottle from Urban Outfitters

Since starting a new job, with a commute adding an extra hour and a half onto my evening, I found myself slipping out of my healthy habits. Getting home at 7 instead of 5.45 means I can't make my favourite gym classes, and I've been too frequently reaching for fast food rather than cooking a nutritious meal. But a month of a drastic change in lifestyle has left me feeling groggy, tired and bulging out of my jeans, so I've taken action to re-motivate myself.

Firstly, I've given my sportswear drawer (yes, I do have a whole double drawer dedicated to gym clothes now days) an overhaul. I threw out any gross, sweaty, discoloured old stuff and replaced it with some fresh new gear from New Look's amazing sports range. Having nice clothes to work out in makes you work out harder you know.

The 'Running Late' tank top is so perfect for me, as when I do manage to make it to my classes, I'm always running late (thanks to Southern Rail's time keeping). It's a lovely lightweight cotton that keeps me cool; it is a bit see-through but with my coral H&M sports bra underneath, it's not a problem. The space dye leggings are made of a really thin 'slinky feeling' fabric that's really breathable and fast drying. They're tight enough to suck me in, and the thick waistband nips me right in at the waist, but they're so lightweight that you barely realise you're wearing anything! (But obviously you are because going to the gym bottomless wouldn't be the best!)

Secondly, I've taken the plunge and finally signed up to The Body Coach 90 Day SSS Plan. It arrived just in time to take me up until December 22nd, so I can look and feel amazing for Christmas (and be able to enjoy the festive indulgences guilt-free!)

Organisation is key for this plan, so I'm going to be spending every Sunday for the next three months meal planning, shopping, and prepping all my meals for the week. This evening I got in at 8.45, and it was great to know there was a healthy meal waiting in the fridge.

I'll be mixing up the exercise plan a bit, doing half the HIIT/weight training exercise plan, and half carrying on with my favourite gym classes (Boxing and Zumba) as I don't want to give up an exercise that I enjoy!

How do you motivate yourself to keep up a healthy routine?



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