Three seasons in scent

I'm never been a huge perfume person - in past years, I've stuck to the same scent all year round (last year was Marc Jacobs Lola, the year before, Nina by Nina Ricci) but this year I seem to have fallen in love with a new fragrance for each season.

I love feminine, floral fragrances all year round, but in the spring and summer I prefer a fresh, lighter scent and opt for a muskier hint as the weather starts to get colder.


Daisy Dream is everything Spring should smell like - fresh, light and clean with a delicate floral fragrance. Think freshness like clean washing that's been hung outside, think floral as in fresh jasmine. It's quite a sophisticated scent for Marc Jacobs who I find tends to create quite fun and girly fragrances, and this sophistication is reflected in the bottle which is a bit more toned down than the other fragrances in the Marc Jacobs line. 
Memories evoked: my birthday and our little trip to Dorset 

£51.50 from Boots


You can't really get much more summery than the smell of sweet sun-ripened figs that have been picked in the height of the Italian summer. This warm fragrance fuses fruity and floral, with notes of Tuscan Rose for a bright and feminine scent, yet the subtle hint of sea spray still gives a fresh feel. The bottle is simple and elegant, and when the sun shines through the multi-faceted glass it looks beautiful.
Memories evoked: Sunny days on Brighton beach 

£18 from The Body Shop


Moving into Autumn I've fallen in love with Love - it's fruity and floral, but with warm base notes of sandalwood and praline to create a slightly heavier, muskier scent. In my current 70's style obsession I love the retro bottle which has a swatch of Desigual fabric on the lid.
Memories yet to be created! :)

£17 from The Fragrance Shop

So that just leaves me to find a Winter fragrance - any suggestions?



  1. I am lovinggggg that fig fragrance right now.

    Sophie x


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