The Wet Brush

The simple hair brush - the most basic, but most essential beauty tool we own. Probably the first beauty tool we ever owned as little girls and one we've used every day since. So finding your perfect one is very important. I was brought up with a classic Denman, and switched to Tangle Teezer in my teens. Then I had a brief fling with the Corioliss Dentangling Brush a few months ago, but I think I've finally found the one with The Wet Brush. 

The Wet Brush is different to all my past hair brush choices for many reasons, making for a more comfortable detangling experience and leaving a smoother, shinier finish. Here's why...

Intelliflex bristles 

The Wet Brush's bristles are thin, flexible and well spaced out (as opposed to the hard, rigid bristles of my past brushes) but despite their dainty appearance, The Wet Brush's IntelliFlex britles are super strong and firm on tackling tangles in wet or dry hair. You'd imagine flexible bristles would just get caught when it hits a knot, but in fact they glide through matted hair effortlessly. 

The delicate bristles are gentler on the hair, making it less likely to snap - this is great for me as my brittle hair is prone to breakages, but it also means that the brush is safe to use on your hair when it's in it's most vulnerable state - wet. Wet hair is weaker and more likely to break (which is why people say you shouldn't brush wet hair) but the gentle yet detangling bristles of the Wet Brush are kind to wet hair - meaning no split ends and a quicker, easier detangling and drying experience.


The Wet Brush has those little plastic blobs on the top of each bristle, to protect your scalp from scratching and scraping. I never thought that the pointy bristles of my Denman/TT/Corioliss brushes were particularly harsh on my scalp, they never bothered me or anything, but as soon as the Wet Brush's SofTips touched my head it was a game changer. The soft, rounded tips made the bristles of my old brush seem like a bed of nails. 

The SofTips also massage the scalp and stimulate circulation to promote hair growth.

Ergonomic rubberised handle 

My Corioliss brush has a big chunky handle that wasn't all that comfortable to hold and the Tangle Teezer doesn't even have a handle. The Denman brush's handle was similar to that of the Wet Brush, a slim shape that fits perfectly in the palm of my hand, but didn't have the same rubberised texture that gives a sure and sturdy grip, even with wet, slippery hands. 

Air cushion

The Wet Brush has a soft, air-filled cushion that conforms to the shape of my head as I pull the brush through my hair, and absorbs the shock of any tugging from particularly bad tangles. 

I've also found that The Wet Brush seems to tame my flyaways and give a smoother, more polished result (as you can see in the photo above). I have always hated the frizzy 'glow' of flyaways and split ends around my head, so this for me is probably the best thing about it. It's really no wonder that this brush has got rave reviews and a huge celebrity fan club! 

My Wet Brush is the pink one from the Pastel Collection, but there's endless colour/pattern options available; ombre, animal print, metallics, neons... even a glow in the dark one! The entire range is available from CultBeauty, but if you need to see it to believe it, a select few styles are launching into Boots stores in September.

Have you tried The Wet Brush yet? 



  1. I swear by my Wet Brush, I hate using anything else now!


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