Massage at The Beauty Shed

It's been a year now since I joined the gym and started taking fitness a bit more seriously. But along with all the benefits of working out, come the injuries, aches and pains. I do a lot of boxing, which has left me with a really tight back and shoulders, so I'd been meaning to book in for a massage for ages to sort it out. Obviously my place of choice was The Shed, (my favourite place, in case you hadn't noticed!) who have their very own, highly qualified and experienced masseuse, Petra. 

Despite my many visits to The Beauty Shed, I hadn't spent much time in the treatment room (as manicures, pedicures and brows are done in another room). The treatment room is just as lovely as the rest of The Shed, with the same calming Green & Spring fragrances filling the air, and a down-to-earth, homely feel about the place. With the lights dimmed and some relaxing music on, I felt relaxed before the massage even started. 

Petra spoke to me about the different types of massage she offers, from a soft and relaxing massage to help clients unwind, sports massage to treat and prevent injury, and deep tissue massage to release tightness and stretch the muscles. She also explained 'trigger point therapy', where she can feel her way around problem areas and discover 'trigger points' which release pain stored up in another part of the body. 

Using some rosemary and peppermint oil Petra began working out the knots in my upper back - she explained that this relieves the congested muscle and removes the toxins. Then she moved on to a bit of trigger point therapy - when she found a trigger point on my back, I could feel a pain running up my neck! It was quite weird! This bit of the massage wasn't particularly relaxing, but afterwards my whole back, neck and shoulders felt so loose! She finished off with a bit more of a relaxing technique, leaving me feeling really zen (aka a bit dopey)! 

Over the next few days my back felt incredible, being free from knots and tightness! It's definitely made me realise that sports massage is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle! 


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