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Cult brands like Jurlique, Becca and Lanolips, are firmly putting Australia on the beauty map, and the latest skincare brand making waves from down under is KORE.

Fusing together today's modern cosmetic technologies with elements of the ancient healing potions that were once used to remedy skin conditions, KORE developed a unique ingredient which they named the KORE Complex. The KORE Complex is the secret ingredient to every KORE product, and claims to repair skin cells, fight off signs of aging, and rejuvinate the complexion.

I've been testing out the range with the KORE Luxury Starter Set*, which includes travel-sized samples of KORE's fully integrated skincare routine; exfoliator, foaming cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, day cream and optimal repair cream.

  • The KORE Pearl Revitalising Toner is housed in a mini spritzer bottle (perfect for popping in my bag on these hot, muggy days for an instant skin refresh) and has a lovely light and fresh fragrance. A few spritzes across the face is so refreshing first thing in the morning or in the mid-afternoon slump. Applied on a soaked cotton pad, the toner leaves the skin feeling super clean and removes all traces of dirt and make up.
  • The KORE Pearl Intensive Serum has the consistency of liquid satin and melts into the skin, leaving it luxuriously soft. I use this in both my morning and evening routine as I find it works well as a primer, as well as feeling like an intensive overnight treatment. 
  • I love a rich, heavy moisturiser, and the KORE Pearl Optimal Repair Cream doesn't disappoint. It has an almost whipped cream texture - light and fluffy but indulgently creamy. It quenches the skin upon application and leaves my skin looking plumped and feeling soft. I prefer to use this at night, as it's a little too much for a day cream in my opinion.
  • One of the products that I didn't like quite so much was the Foaming Cleanser. I'm always left disappointed with cleansers that are labelled as 'foaming' as they never deliver as much frothiness as I'd like. My other complaint is that I found this cleanser quite harsh and it stung a little bit around my eyes. Skin care wise, it did a fine job at deeply cleansing and removing make-up, but I just personally prefer something a little gentler.
  • The KORE Pearl Gentle Exfoliator was much more to my liking. It has a real grit to it to effectively buff away dead skin cells, but still feels gentle on the skin. After using, my skin felt rejuvinated and fresh, and my complexion even and glowy. 
  • You can't beat a refreshing eye cream on tired eyes (as mine always seem to be!) and the KORE Repairing Eye Cream is lovely and soothing both morning and night. The lightweight cream quickly absorbs to reduce puffiness and target dark circles, while instantly soothing and cooling.
  • KORE's Restorative Day Cream starts the day with some skin hydration, but really gets to work throughout the day when it helps to protect against the environmental stresses of pollution, sun damage, air conditioning etc. And of course, like every single one of these products, the miracle KORE Complex ingredient is constantly working to replenish skin cells, strengthen the skin's defense system and rejuvinate the complexion.

I've loved being able to trial this exciting skincare brand that's new to the UK, and can safely say that a little of this stuff goes a long, long way. My 10ml samples are still going strong, so a full sized product is sure to last a while.

Unfortunately this starter set isn't available to buy, but if you're looking to invest in some premium skincare which offers luxury and scientifically researched formulas, KORE is certainly a brand worth investigating. I'd recommend going for the serum and the eye cream in particular!



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