Blissful Rituals...

This rainy Sunday feels like the perfect time to talk about the new Spa of the World collection from the Body Shop, because it's days like today, when you just want to escape from it all, that these products are going to be my salvation.

The decadent, luxurious and indulgent new range of bath and body products draws inspiration from traditional Polynesian, Japanese, Moroccan and African spa treatments to allow your senses to escape to somewhere a little more exotic, even if just for ten minutes.

The products are split into three 'rituals' - a relaxing ritual to de-stress and unwind, a revitalising ritual to stimulate and rejuvinate a tired body and mind, and a blissful ritual for true indulgence.

When taking some 'me' time on such a grey and wet summer's day, true indulgence is what's called for, so these products from the 'blissful ritual' are on the menu for me this evening.


To me, there is nothing more indulgent than nourishing my skin from top to toe with a rich, creamy moisturiser, and the Hawaiian Kukui Cream is probably the single most luxurious body cream around. The cream is thick but really silky, and glides onto the skin far more easily than the Body Shop Body Butters do (which I personally find a little waxy). It melts in almost instantly (so no laborious rubbing in required) and leaves the skin feeling nurtured, soft and smelling amazing. I can only describe the delectable fragrance as a more opulent version of Hawaiian Tropic sun cream.

The Kukui seed oil is the magic ingredient that provides moisture and nutrition to the skin, and has been used by Hawaiian women for generations, to restore suppleness and nurture their sun-drenched skin.

£23 from The Body Shop


This delightfully scented wonder-oil can be used on the body or hair, or as a relaxing massage oil. When my skin is feeling and looking boringly ordinary and in need of an injection of radiance a few drops melt in to provide deep hyradtion and leave skin feeling silky smooth with a glowing sheen. The oil is also said to provide relief to damaged hair, leaving it softer and lustrous. I found it a bit too heavy and greasy for my hair, but I think I used a little too much and on wet hair - The Body Shop recommend combing a drop or two through dry hair. 

Monoi, a sacred, scented blend of coconut oil and tiare flowers, has been treasured by the women of the Polynesian islands for two thousand years to give a glow to skin and lustre to hair.

£16 from The Body Shop

During the half an hour it took me to write this post, the rain has stopped and the sun has come out. It seems the products can even convince the British weather that we're on a topical paradise island! 



  1. Such a beautiful range, reading this makes me want to buy it all :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches


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