Rosie & Gym: Pretty Muddy Race For Life

If you read this post last month, you'll know that I've been busy training to take part in Race for Life's 'Pretty Muddy' event to raise money for Cancer Research UK. I'd been going to FIT classes to improve my overall strength and fitness, running 5k on the treadmill at least once a week, and even had a couple of PT sessions to prepare me for the race. 

But then I went on holiday and a lot of lounging, eating and drinking happened, and since being back I've been struggling to get back on track - equalling two whole weeks of junk food and not much exercise. So yesterday morning when I met Laura and Lilla at Stanmer Park (Sophie was unable to make it due to a job interview!), I was feeling probably the most unfit I've been all year, and a little anxious about what was about to happen. 

However, once I got going it wasn't half as bad as I expected! It was more challenging than it would've been two weeks ago, but I still managed to complete the 5k course in 45 minutes (which included a ridiculously steep incline and queing for the obstacles). A 5k run on the treadmill usually takes me between 30-35 minutes, so considering the uneven ground, queues, incline, heat and having no music or water en route, I'm pretty pleased with my time! 

Here we are before the race, all nice and clean.....

...and here I am at the 4k mark, climbing out of a mud bath, looking rather worse for wear with my bra on show! (Clearly this was unintentional, but as it's out on display I'll take the opportunity to tell you about it as it's a pretty awesome sports bra. It's a push-up, padded sports bra*  in leopard print with a black, polka dot mesh insert. It's underwired and offers great workout support and comfort, but I feel so much more confident wearing this rather than most sports bras which give me no assistance in the boob department. I even wear it as a normal bra when I've got a low cut top on, as the polka dot mesh looks so pretty peeking out and preserves my modesty when my top slips down! Black Topshop cami I'm talkin' bout you! Anyway I massively digress...)

Here we are at the end, where a big inflatable mud slide marked the finish line! This was so much fun and we were getting sprayed with water guns as we slid down, the only rubbish part was having to queue for about ten minutes to get on it and finally complete the race!

And after, covered in mud and sweat and proudly wearing our dog tag medals!

We had so much fun and have so far managed to raise £261.50 for Cancer Research UK, but I'd really love to raise even more to help the brave people who have to live with this horrible disease every day. We heard from a young girl who had been diagnosed with spinal cancer on the day of her school prom. She is undergoing treatment and has to take £96 worth of medicine every day! I got quite emotional listening to her before we started the race! Someone very special to me is also currently fighting his battle with cancer which makes this a charity very close to my heart. If you'd like to sponsor us and donate to Cancer Research UK, our justgiving page is HERE.

Are you taking part in any fundraising events this summer? Next on my list is the Colour Run!



  1. Ah you guys are so great! I love this whole post and all the photos.What an amazing job!
    Chambray & Curls


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