Miami Beach Babe Collection by Kiko

When I visited the brand new KIKO Cosmetics store in Brighton last month, I fell just a little bit head over heels in love with their Miami Beach Babe collection and couldn't resist picking up a few pieces to brighten up my make-up bag for the summer!

The capsule collection of bright shades and glossy metallics capture the vibrant, rollerskating, laid-back vibe of Miami beach and it's certainly not shy to celebrate a kitsch use of colour, incorporating elements of Pop Art and Art Deco into the products and packaging.  Brightly coloured eye make-up seems to be KIKO's focus in this collection with luminous shades of metallic eyeliner and colourful mascara. No secrets that that's not my style, but what drew me in were the products that created the poster girls' sunkissed skin and tinted glossy lips...


First I was drawn like a moth a the flame to the pink and sparkliness of the Double Deco Blushes*, duo tone blush compacts each with a pink matte and a pink shimmer inside. True to (unadventurous) form, I picked out the most muted variation of the three, Coral Gables - a matte peachy coral with a shimmery dusky rose. This is almost like having three blushes in one as the two shades can be used alone or mixed together. Alone, the peachy shade gives a neutral flus on my skin tone, while the shimmery rose gives a bright pop of colour, and swirled together they create a multi-dimensional effect that just subtly catches the light and defines your cheeks.

£8.90 from Kiko


The first product that really got me in to make-up back at school was the GOSH Giant Sun Powder bronzer (twas the envy of all my friends y'know), so I couldn't resist picking up the oversized bronzer from this collection as a tribute. The Beach Babe Bronzer* (I got the lighter shade, California Sand) is a matte bronzing powder, so it's great for soft subtle contouring. Lightly dusted across the forehead, cheeks and neck, it gives a gorgeous sunkissed glow, and because it's shimmer free, it gives a healthy natural look. Extra brownie points for the large mirror and its chocolatey scent!

£11.90 from Kiko


Now these were clearly a no-brainer decision when adding to my stash, because THEY HAVE POLKA DOTS ON THEM. I'm not a bold lip kinda gal, so the sheer and glossy finish of these give just a subtle splash of colour, while the silky consistency feels lovely and hydrates my lips - perfect for hot summer days! These are the shades Tropical Juice (a vibrant pink grapefruit colour) and Jolly Roger (A sandy nude) and both have a high shine finish. The polka dots have no effect on the lipstick colour - they're just there to look fun!

£7.90 from Kiko

What do you think of KIKO's Miami Beach Babe collection? 



  1. The blusher looks so pretty and I love the sound of the bronzer smelling like chocolate :) I'm always too nervous to try bronzers as I'm so pale, but I really need to bite the bullet as I need some more warmth in my face now that summers finally here!
    Love Holly x

  2. I am so excited that Brighton has a Kiko! This collection looks gorgeous, so fun and bright for summer :)

    Sophie x

  3. I noticed this collection when I was on holiday the other week and I'm so annoyed at myself for not picking anything up! Especially the lipsticks... Somehow I resisted the adorable polka dots! Everything you picked up looks lovely Rosie :) I've just found your blog by the way and I'm already in love with it!

    Becki |


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