L'Oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly

I recently got bored of my bronbré hair (my new word for bronde and ombré) and have been lusting over the idea of having lovely long blonde locks again. However, with the cost of highlights falling way out of my budget at the moment, I wanted to find a cheaper way of blending my mid-brown roots into my bleach-blonde ends.

I saw Claire raving about the L'Oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly on her blog, and although she had used it to create sunkissed highlights in her brunette hair, I thought it could work well to lighten the darker, top half of my ombré hair.

L'Oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly isn't a scary home-dye, but a leave-in, gradual lightening product that is activated by heat/sun. It comes in three shades (I use 03 - for light blonde to very light blonde hair - to match my light ends) and it's so easy to apply simply with your hands. To lighten all over, like I did, I simply coated my hair in a generous amount, brushed it through evenly, and sat outside for the sun to work it's magic (I even went blonder in the car, through the sun roof! Or on rainy days, the hairdryer on full heat works just as well). The jelly can also be used just to create soft highlights (like Claire did) by carefully applying it freehand on to selected sections.

Unlike other hair colourants that can be really drying and leave a nasty chemical smell behind for a few washes, the Sunkiss Jelly is ammonia free and enriched with camellia oil, leaving behind a delicate floral fragrance. And as for dryness, if anything I'd say my hair is slightly softer than before!

As you can see, the results are pretty amazing for a £5.99 product! I am pretty stunned, to be quite honest! I wasn't expecting such a drastic lift in colour...


The picture on the left was taken seven weeks ago, before using the Casting Sunkiss Jelly. The picture on the right was taken this weekend, 4 applications later, looking slightly windswept on the way back from the beach, where I'd sat in the sun to let the jelly activate.

I can't believe how well this product worked for what I was trying to achieve. It's saved me £70+ and hours in the hairdressers!



  1. I can't believe how well that worked! I used to have ombre (which was really the result of an unfortunate event where all my hair was bleached, which then grew out) and it's pretty much all gone now but I kind of want those light ends back because it looks so much more interesting. I was thinking of getting baylage (or however you spell it) done at the hairdressers but it's so expensive, this seems like quite a good alternative!


  2. Wow, what a transformation you look gorgeous! Thank you for mentioning me, that was so sweet of you. It's such a easy, simple product that has saved us both so much money :)
    xxx Claire


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