Helmies - Nail Helmets

I always manage to get some kind of bump or smudge on my freshly painted nails. Even when I'm trying my hardest to sit still as long as possible, something'll happen to mess up my manicure. Enter Helmies...

Helmies nail helmets are little silicon caps that you slip on to your fingertips once your nails are touch dry (5-10 minutes depending on your nail polish), protecting them from bumping, smudging or chipping, whilst you can get on with your day. The stretchy, lightweight helmets have a slightly powdered texture which prevents them from smudging the nail polish themselves when you put them on. And, they have an open backed design, freeing up your fingertips so that you can use your phone (avoiding Instagram withdrawals). 

There are three sizes included in a pack - little pink ones for your pinkie (obviously), white ones for your fingers and thumbs, and large pink ones for your big toes. The toe Helmies are an absolute godsend - no more carpet fibres sticking to your pedicure and no worries if you're clumsy like me and  have a habit of stubbing your freshly painted toe! Unfortunately I find the white ones are too big for my three middle fingers (they're fine on my thumb) and tend to slip off if I'm doing something too strenuous. I've compiled a list of things that I've discovered you can and can't do whilst wearing your helmies...

You can...
...read a book
...type on a keyboard
...use an iPhone, just about. Fine with scrolling, not so good with typing. Good luck if you have a smaller screen than an iPhone 6.
...use the TV remote
...(carefully) make a cup of tea

You can't...
...sort out the laundry
...put make up on
...do your hair
...get dressed
...make a packed lunch

So they're not quite a manicure miracle, but definitely a great beauty gadget for those who struggle to sit still watching (nail) paint dry. I'm sure I'll be putting my Helmies to good use to prevent manicure-induced boredom, but I wouldn't say they're a game-changing must-have product. (Except for the toe helmies, which are the best invention ever).

What do you think? Gimmick or genius?

ps: review of that Butter London polish (Molly Coddled) here.



  1. Genius. As a busy mum with hardly any time to do nails, I NEED THESE.


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