Dreaming about driving!

Usually I am obsessed with the idea of buying a new Nars lip pencil (this might have happened today... x3) or paying an obscene amount of P&P to order some Victoria's Secret gym clothes from the States, but my latest obsession really is ridiculous. I want a mint green Fiat 500. And I can't even drive.

But they're so pretty, aren't they? Every time I see one I go all heart-eye emoji. The interiors are even nicer too, with a mint green dashboard and cream leather steering wheel.

However I have a looooong way to go before I can whizz along the seafront in my little pastel coloured dream car, learning to actually drive it might be a good start! I learnt to drive when I was 17, and after a whopping 40(!!!) lessons I took a test. And failed, miserably. I got an impressive 14 minors and 2 majors, then I moved to Brighton where buses are great (hmm I say that begrudgingly, but they are, I guess) and parking is extortionate. So no more lessons were taken, my theory test expired, and I gave up on becoming mobile.

But now my inability to drive is not only a little bit embarrassing (getting a green ID out at the bar is so uncool) but also hindering the hunt for my dream job. Lots of beauty companies (Green People and The Body Shop for example) are based out in the Sussex countryside - a journey that would take me 15 minutes by car but would be basically impossible by public transport. So, as soon as I've saved up enough money I'm going to re-take my theory, book some lessons, and pass my test - it's just so expensive!

Then comes the expense of the tax, MOT and insurance, but luckily the More Than Young Driver Insurance rewards safe drivers by giving them cash back when they can prove they can drive safely, via the little black box they install on your car to monitor your driving style. I think this is a great initiative when you look at the high rate of road accidents in new drivers!

Although I was clearly a terrible learner driver, my problem was being over-cautious and at least that's better than being over-confident! I think when I finally get to grips with my driving I'll be safe and sensible, and hopefully benefit from More Than's cashback scheme meaning more money for lipsticks and over-priced sportswear!

Any other non-drivers out there feel embarrassed of their green licence at the bar? Or any of you got a Fiat 500 that I can envy you for?

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  1. That car is sooo amazing!I am way too young to drive a car.Here where I live,you can drive when you turn 18.And I am here stuck being 15:( I am constantly saying how the minute I turn 18 I am going to learn how to drive a car.But I guess it's not that easy!Anyways,love this post and your blog!

    I have a beauty,fashion and lifestyle blog so feel free to check it out!

  2. I would LOVE a Fiat 500. I actually drive a 500L at the moment (it's our family car) but I'm desperate for my own little 500 to zip around in. The mint green is just beautiful but I've seen a really pretty lavender one floating about my area too. Good luck with the rest of your lessons & test! xxx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  3. I failed my test twice, but my Mum booked my third one and didn't tell me until the morning of the test. It was the best thing because I didn't get worked up at all. And now, almost 7 years later, I have a beautiful new Volkswagen Beetle and the freedom to go wherever the hell I want! I'm so happy I learnt to drive when I did, and Im sure you'd love it just as much. Book some lessons in :)


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