Battle of the beach sprays

Tanned skin and beachy mermaid hair go hand in hand, and since returning from my holiday with a bit of colour to me, I've ditched the straighteners and shine spray in favour of the au natural beach babe look.

There are a few techniques to using a salt spray (scrunching, twirling, leaving it to dry in a bun) and I find them all very much hit and miss - sometimes I'll magically get perfectly formed mermaid waves, other times I get a wind-swept, knotty mess. I've tried dozens of different salt sprays over the past few years, but out of the two I'm using this summer, one seems to be more reliable at achieving the desired look than the other one...


Last year I fell in love with the original bumble&bumble Surf Spray, so when the new Surf Infusion spray launched this summer, promising beachy waves and silky smooth hair, I couldn't resist splashing out £21.50 on a bottle.

On first impressions, Surf Infusion's size and packaging were a bit of a let down. Compared to the black matte bottle and chrome spritzer of the original Surf Spray, the Surf Infusion's standard plastic bottle is far from being luxury. Also, the bottle is tiny -100ml isn't very much product for such a steep price tag.

But on to what really matters - how it performs. It adds some movement into my hair, but I'm finding it difficult to achieve any defined waves. Applied to dry hair, it creates a textured, wind-swept effect to my straight hair, which looks nice when I'm after more of a boho/festival chic look, but I wouldn't call it 'beach hair'. Scrunched in to wet hair, it created a few (limp) waves - but as I say the results are pot luck.

And what about the oil-infused element? There is less of the crunchy feeling with this compared to Surf Spray (and most other salt sprays), but there's still some stiffness and certainly no softness or 'sheen' as promised. I also find my hair prone to tangling when I had use the Surf Infusion and I tend to return home with one large mat of hair.

£21.50 from LookFantastic

For a bumble&bumble product, and the price tag, I was expecting miracles - but it didn't wow me at all. Overall, it's probably the most anti-climatic product I've ever bought. Ouch.


On a recent night out, my friend's sister brought out a bottle of this Schwarzkopf salt spray, and her hair just seemed to magically transform into neatly tousled waves. A queue of girls quickly formed around her as everyone wanted a spritz! To make sure I wasn't drunkenly mistaken at how good this stuff appeared to be, I picked up a bottle in Asda a few days later. It was on offer for £3 (from £4.20), so 7 times cheaper than the bumble&bumble option, and double the size. 

And I was right... this stuff is amazing. 

I find this spray works equally well on damp or dry hair, a few spritzes and a bit of scrunching and I'm left with mermaid-worthy, beach babe waves. Nine times out of ten, I've got a perfect 'straight-off-the-beach' look, which makes this the most reliable salt spray I've ever used. 

As with any salt spray product there's going to be a crispy residue, but with the Mermaid Look Salt Spray it really is minimal and I hardly notice it with the amount of movement in my locks. And as for tangling - there is none.

£4.19 from Boots

My winning beach spray by far!



  1. Great post!Have you ever tried the aussie miracle beach waves?That one is my favorite so far:)

  2. YAYY I love this spray, it's amazing!!

    Sophie x

  3. I have this beach spray too and absolutely love it!

    Freya from Frey de Fleur x


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