Rosie and Gym: Race for Life

Last year I completed my first ever race, the 5k Race For Life for Cancer Research, but this year I wanted more of a challenge. So, along with fellow Brighton beauty bloggers Sophie, Laura and Lilla, I'm going to be taking part in the 'Pretty Muddy' obstacle course - a muddy 5k course scattered with obstacles like hurdles, rope nets, mud slides and mud pools.

I'd been intreguied for a while now by the popularity of other muddy courses like Warrior Run and Tough Mudder, but I'm too scared to take the leap from a fun-run 5k to a hard-core fitness event! So I fugured the Pretty Muddy Race For Life would be a great way to test the waters and see how I get on.

The race takes place on the 4th July, and I'm currently training to tackle the obstacles. I've been going to Fitness Interval Training classes on Thursday nights (which are bloody intense!) to improve my stamina and strength, and using the assisted pull up machine at the gym to help me prepare for hauling myself up and over things on the course!

Although more than the physical challenge, I think I am more worried about the mental struggle I will face as I sit at the top of a mud slide, about to plunge into a pool of wet, squelchy mud below! I'm hoping that at least it'll be like having a full body mud treatment and we'll be left with lovely soft skin!

Sophie, Laura, Lilla and I are hoping to raise £1000 for Cancer Research UK. We've all had loved-ones be diagnosed with this horrible disease, so it's a cause close to all of our hearts. So if you could spare even a pound or two to help us reach our target, it'd be much appreciated!

You can donate to our page, here:



  1. That is essentially the best name for a blog post that I have ever seen Rosie! :D I used to love Rosie & Jim!
    Best of luck with everything!! :)

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

    1. Ha! Thanks, it's the name of my new fitness series :)
      Thank you for your well wishes! I'll be keeping you all updated on our progress :) xx


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